Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, You can BRAINWASH those kids.

Hey Queen,

Thank you for being here

I wanted to call this blog post ‘Automate’, like I did in the YouTube video here, but I figured brainwash will ‘enter more’ LOL.

Which reminds me, I have a faith-based blog on and it was such a hit when it went live about 6 years ago.


Oldie but goodie, you should check it out

Ok, so as a GDQ, let’s face it, you have more time AT HOME, than moms who work outside the home. This MAY also translate to MORE TIME with the kids.

Now, what are you doing with those extra hours?

Consuming (both food and senseless TV)
Lazying around?

Certainly not you!

I don’t have Queens like so in my community. Yaaaaaas!!!

I know you are intentional and excellent, and you wanna do your best by your kids, raising them to be sound in every way – morally, spiritually, physically, academically and more

You can only give what you have AND teach!

You have time
Let’s use it well to both model and teach.

So in this video, I share not just some qualities you can BRAINWASH or AUTOMATE into my kids, but also HOW you can do that.

Simple language tweaks, and actions here and there and voila! You have excellent, well-behaved responsible kids everywhere around your home.

You are most welcome!

Check it out here and don’t forget to share your comments and thoughts


By all means, Queen, don’t stop at what I share please
Research more and continue to apply.
Your home is your Business and you are CEO

Cheers to doing a dang good JOB!!!

You got this!!!

Queen  Eziaha


Have you heard? I am hosting a 6-week LONG Cube-free cooking party!!!

And I am not doing it alone. I have a whole board and faculty as crew

And you can join us because if you are still thinking you need cubes to make your food delicious, you are the ONLY one left, and that is NOT COOL!

Like my friend’s mom said, if you need ‘maggi’ to make your food sweet, you don’t know how to cook!!!

Oya come let’s do this together!!!

Every detail here

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