This blog was First published in July, 2020.

Hey Queen,

Haaaa been a while here. At least, beyond mentoring or reviewing, I’ve not done a mummy post in a while, so shall we…

Come ON!!!

First, I PRAY you are basking in all of the goodness of God, babes.

I pray you are IN THE WORD more than this world.

NOTHING dey this world oooo

And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever.

1 John 2:17

So let us ALL keep our eyes above and not on earthly distractions in JESUS name, amen

Ok on to today’s gist

My friend, Teacher Dora, recently mentioned a family she is tutoring and how they have about 6 nannies who run shifts, and everything is so detailed at the home, and so on.

If you heard her speak, the first thing you MAY be tempted to THINK is that the woman is just being EXTRA.

I mean, why all the drama for kids at HOME.

But I didn’t see EXTRA, I saw intentionality

I saw an INTENTIONAL mom, going ALL THE WAY in her domestic assignment

She looks well to the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Prov 31:27 NASB

This had NOTHING to do with money and/or race. It had everything to do with INTENTION.


Babes, can we ALL be intentional moms?

Can we be EXTRA?

I mean, if doing the BEST for this family God has given to you GRACIOUSLY is seen as EXTRA or your own is too much, here is a badge baby

OWN IT with pride.

I love that we can LOOK WELL to the ways of your household at ANY level.

I mean, parent with the Lord and let him show you…

It could be in their diet…

Recently, on hub’s first day at work after WFH the past three months or so, he came home with a sugary drink he had remained.

My kids were circling it like bees when I got up, and poured the entire content INTO the sink..

In this house, we drink WATER, zobo, tigernut milk and smoothies

We do NOT drink packaged, sugary, fizzy drink habitually or even once in a while (except on rare occasions where mommy allows).

Other kids MAY, mine don’t

I have been known to turn back gifts or on some occasion, give it away because they just fit into the EATING lifestyle of my family

Make whatever you wanna make out of it, but my life, my rules.

In this home, we communicate SCRIPTURES

I CORRECT with the word
I TEACH with the Word
I LEAD with the Word

I literally speak to my kids like adults, no kidding.

When they sin, I tell them to go and apologise to Jesus in prayer and come back to tell me what Jesus said.

My kids correct each other with scriptures..

I make sure our language culture is right.

I now practice NO SHOUT parenting, raising my voice only when I am alerting on danger, or they are far away.

I started in June and I think I’ve lost it just once since then.

And I encourage my kids to do same…

They are still learning but surely making progress.

I don’t let my kids WHINE. If you want to speak and you whine, I tune off

If you see how their voice changes to normal immediately ehn…

I don’t allow people raise their voices at them or speak unkindly to them. You can leave my home if you do. They are NOT just kids, they are living, breathing humans, and at every level, humans should be respected.

I don’t let my kids watch endless TV or cartoon on YouTube. I encourage them to read.

When they have to watch cartoon, they KNOW it is a TIMED privilege, not a right.

So we set alarm and when it is time up, we OBEDIENTLY stop.

No whining.

Taking it to the homefront, in my home, I run a structure and system based household

There is a schedule for LITERALLY everything.

My thing is, if it is on my calendar, planner, timetable, or diary, it gets done. If not, it MAY not be done.

So even for domestic helps, we run with schedules. No doubt most are usually shocked and I’m sure wonder why I’m being EXTRA but that’s not extra.


That’s being a Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 woman.


I prayed on those verses this morning and I had such a blast rolling with her…

And if you are in the wild wives broadcast list, expect us to rock it out in prayers this Sunday

(If you read the post on wild women, you’d find a link to join the wild wives…)

Hey Queen, whatever the Lord shows you to do as you PARENT, DO IT

Don’t be afraid of being EXTRA or seen as hmm hmm, “your own is too much”


You GET to give an account to God, not man.

…We must obey God rather than men!

Acts 5: 29

And God forbid you fail in your role because you desperately wanted to fit in.

Please babes, let God legislate how you parent and lead at home.

Sit with Him and get a blueprint for your own life and home, then rock it out WITH PRIDE.

Nothing rocks like OBEDIENCE even if unpopular.

There is NOTHING EXTRA about being a consecrated, committed, obedient to Jesus mama.

It has a name.


God’s Domestic Queen


I found this yesterday on my WhatsApp

and it just reminds of this post I did about the danger of sausages. Read here

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