Feedback Friday… Victoria shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha

My name is Victoria Ohaegbulam a Nigerian and resident in Lagos State. I have been married for almost 5 years.

I became a SAHM after having two major surgeries in the space of five months in 2018. One to remove a cyst while I was 20 weeks pregnant with my son and the second one was the CS to birth him.

I stopped my legal practice while pregnant and I am using my current season to reinvent myself and structure my home so that as I move unto other seasons, I will not struggle.

Being Intentional, Deliberate and Disciplined is the only way to achieve more as a woman, wife and mother and that’s why I signed up for GDQ MENTORING, to learn, relearn and unlearn from CoachE’.

The six weeks sessions was insightful and intense but exactly what I needed to start being diligence in making my SAHM season more productive.

The truth is I had recently stepped into a season of aligning my skills and purpose and truly needed to be mentored.

I can say that I achieved that and more because the sessions weren’t just an outpouring of CoachE’s heart, it has a way of propelling you to step out of your comfort zone.

A lot of times we want to see ourselves do more or should I say we await the manifestation of this quote- “made for more” , then all of a sudden God gives us more and we can’t manage it diligently because we have not applied discipline and structure to our lives.

And that is the absolute core of GDQ MENTORING with CoachE’.

Here are some quotes from Coach E’s voice notes that are so remarkable for me:

“When something is important, emails are more appropriate – Make your life official. “

“Be sensitive to know when the holy spirit is giving you a specific instruction despite all my already prepared plan and schedules.”

“Know the teachers for your season and lean in.”

“Everything in life requires discipline”

“Parenting is very strategic and we have to invest our time and energy in it.”

“Don’t expect a full productive or a perfect day, just keep doing it (all we have learnt) over and over again until it becomes a part of us.”

Weeks after the coaching and I keep seeing tremendous progress in my application of discipline and structure to my marriage, home and online businesses.

Thank you Coach E’ for being a vessel of honour, for giving your time to mentor all the first quarter Domestic Queens and for being a teacher I am currently and passionately leaning on. 

God bless you Ma.


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