#Feedback Friday….Adesola shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha.

Hello God’s Domestics Queen,

It’s another Friday, thank you for all the comments pouring in from last week #feedback with E’, today we will be reading from another friend and sister of mine whom I was privileged to have in the GDQ mentoring group.

Meet Adesola:

I applied for Eziaha’s SAHM Mentoring Programme at such a crazy transition in my life. I’d recently moved from the UK to Nigeria with my baby leaving everything behind to follow my husband’s purpose of being a full-time entrepreneur. 

I felt lost and alone in this new foreign land and that’s how God led me to stayhomemoms.ng on Instagram. Initially the Devil really tried to tell me that I wasn’t Godly enough to apply for this group. My personal relationship with God was weak and in need of divine intervention.

Here are some of my highlights from my journey!

Kai I was sleeping way too much and complaining that I didn’t have any me-time. My son used to nurse to sleep around 9/10pm and we’d both wake up around 8am. Eziaha told me straight up I was using my son as an excuse and that’s when I began waking up by 5 am to pray, workout, meditate.. (ME-TIME WAS BACK!)

Next, Confessions.
I used to say my confessions haphazardly before, But with guidance from the group we created daily confessions covering every area of our life. (Our marriage, business, kids, finances, sex, everything!) I now have it printed on my wall and made an audio which I must read every day. 

Prayer Structure/Strategy 
Something I’d never heard of before. I had schedules for my home, cleaning and son so why not for my God!? This has really transformed my relationship with God. I am committed and intentional now that i have a clear plan of who I am praying for and when. 

Accountability Partner 
Months after the programme my AP and I still check in on one another. Eziaha hand picked such an amazing group of ladies to support and grow together. It’s great to have someone keep you in check and make sure you arerstill keeping to your goals.

Thank you Eziaha for helping me realise this season as a stay at home mum is really ordained by God. The Devil May want to make us focus on the negatives but if we keep tackling him with prayer and discipline there is nothing God will not see us through.

I wake up filled with purpose and honestly living my best life. May God continue to bless you E! 

With Love, Adesola Lajuwomi

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