#Feedback Friday….Bola shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha.

Hello GDQ,

It’s another Friday, thank you for all the comments pouring in from last week #feedback with E’, today we will be reading from another friend and sister of mine whom I was privileged to have in the GDQ mentoring group.

Meet Bola Olajide,

I came into the SAHM mentoring program at a time when I was hungry and desperate for a change in my life as a whole but most importantly in my walk with God. At that time, I had recently rededicated my life to Christ and the struggle was real. I struggled with self discipline ,I struggled with praying and studying the word, I struggled with living an intentional life as an individual,as a wife and a mom. I struggled with accepting and having joy in my season as a stay at home mom. Suffice to say the devil was not backing down and the flesh was always winning cos as a baby Christian I wasn’t aware of his devices and I was at the verge of giving up.

Talmboult, opening for SAHM mentoring program, I applied and thanks be to God that I was chosen. The program turns out to be God’s plan and everything I need for this season of my life.

● The first lesson was to put a structure on my whole life. I was made to understand that nature abhors vacuum and that I need to be intentional about my life, hence the need to always live out of a plan. As someone who had just been living through the motion, this was a real game changer for me.

We were made to create a structure including things we must do daily(daily musts). Now I live out of a plan and attack my day with intentionality and able to manage my time well.

● Next mama E opened our eyes to the efficacy of having a prayer strategy and this revelation left me feeling like I had been missing out on God’s blessings for real. 

A prayer strategy simply means having a prayer schedule; writing down everything I want to pray about with accompanying scriptures  and fixing in into days and times of the week.

This way I do not approach prayer /prayer time casually or as a chore but as a battle ground and as a weapon.

I personally have a testimony of speedy answers to prayers when I started applying this strategy.

● Next I learnt about the power of confessions

Here mama E taught us that when something is not working or there’s a challenge,sleeping, talking and worrying about it is not the way to go but searching the scriptures for what the word says and confessing it day and night. I now have confessions for every area of my life and I confess what I want to see daily. Confessions are not to replace prayers but they are to build up our faith and trust in God. Also, confessions should be written and spoken of as if they have already happened. 

● She also taught us about the power of Journaling; the act of writing to God,your fears, worries,wins, loses etc.  Now journaling comes in handy when I need someone to talk to, I just bring out my journal and pour out my heart to God. The accompanying peace is unexplainable

● The next session was about productivity and maximizing our day .

We were made to understand that our spouses and children are supposed to enhance our lives and they should never be used as an excuse not to fulfill purpose.

I was made to understand that once I’m born again I inherit a new personality in Christ. As someone who struggles with my temperament this came as a relief because I now know how to counter my personality weakness with the word of God. 

Also, I have to be productive not just for myself but for the other destinies attached to mine. I cannot afford to live a mediocre life, I must live a life that gives glory to God and draws others to Christ. So in addition to my daily plans, I ensure that I keep my distractions low, manage my energy well, understand my most productive hours,feed my spirits starve my flesh daily and pray about my weaknesses such as social media addiction etc

● Next we were thought about the importance of the word of God. It contains everything there is that pertains to life and Godliness. God’s plan for me is there so I must be diligent in searching it out.

We were introduced to the youversion Bible app with daily plans and devotionals, the one year Bible reading app and great teachers and preachers such as Joyce Meyer, Priscilla shirer, Beth Moore,  Heather Lindsay, worship ministers like Nathaniel Bassey and Pastor Chingtok. They have all been of tremendous help to me and I feed my spirit from all these sources daily through YouTube and all other materials.

● Lastly we learnt about sex and how to keep the marriage bed interesting. Sex was created by God to be enjoyed by my husband and I . So if it’s not the case it means the devil is at work. As this is an area that needs work in my marriage, we were asked to pray about it, write confessions about it and talk about it with our hubby. All these I had done and our sex life is becoming more interesting to the glory of God. 

In summary, I came into the mentorship program a weak passionless and unhappy stay at home mom but now I’m leaving as a strong purposeful and intentional woman,wife and mom.

My relationship with God has improved, I turn up for my life daily without waiting be told , I now understand the power of prayer and I use it to crush the devils head daily, I now read books and strive to develop myself daily , reading and studying my Bible is no longer a chore , my relationship with my husband is getting better and better as I strive to manage my emotions well and be available for all his needs, I appreciate and train my children as the lord commands cos I no longer see them as an hindrance but God’s gift entrusted in my hands. The atmosphere in my home is peaceful because I have taken my place as the leader of my Rehoboth, leaving with relationships with other SAHM’s that cannot be bought with money most importantly my AP. 

I am forever grateful for this opportunity and for my mama E as I love to call her. Your generation shall call you blessed, You have poured into us and we receive the grace to pay it forward by God’s grace.

Bola Olajide.

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