#Feedback Friday…Dami shares her mentoring Journey with Eziaha.

Hello God’s Domestic Queen,

So God has enabled me to do a mentoring academy 3 times in a year, and this year I started Domestic Queen Mentoring Academy for 12- 15 God’s Domestic Queens.

Whoop…. it was such an awesome time together.

Every Friday we will have one of them share with the rest of my GDQ community, we kick this off with Dammy, my friend and sister, it was such a great privilege to have her in the mentoring academy.

Here we go with Dammy:

I have so much to say about my experience in the last two months but will keep it simple. The last two months has been one of the best experiences ever and I am certain it will birth and lead to many more great experiences.

God has given me wisdom in balancing my role as a wife and Mum alongside with my career.  I love the fact that Eziaha talked to us from her experiences and challenges which makes it feel more real and something to relate to; she was always ready to answer all our questions.

My life is more structured and organised even though I am in a country with no family member to help out; Because I have a more structured life, this has had a major impact on my family.

I am able to spend more quality time with my family members with no feeling of overwhelm which has always been the case.

Consistency and intentionality is very key if you want to walk in your purpose and move forward in life. There is nothing like being self-driven and disciplined, you won’t need anyone to push you, you will be your own cheer Leader.

This programme has really stretched me, I remember how I was always quick to use motherhood as an excuse in the past but not anymore. By constantly demanding more from myself, I can do everything I need to do with so much joy and No excuses.  

We kicked off the program by reading two posts from E’s blog, we all read, reflected and discussed  our lessons and actions going forward. I learnt how important it is to be authentically me and consistently satisfied with every phase and season of my journey while constantly reminding myself of God’s promises for me; not forgetting the importance of spiritual detox at every stage of my life.

I was blessed by the blogposts and it was such a good start to the program. Here are some highlights from the mentoring program.
1. Sleep. I didn’t realise how much I was sleeping, I knew I had to do something about it because the devil is an expert in using things of the flesh we are struggling with to stand in our relationship with God.

I knew this was a battle I must win and it was important to recognise it and be ready to deal with it so I had to be intentional about it by adjusting my sleep patterns and not just talking about it. I made sure I stay disciplined and was consistent until I was able to overcome it.

I made sure I went to bed early so I could have an early start. I also double checked my diet and things I was doing that was draining my energy.

2. Planning my day: Planning and organising my day and week beforehand helps me manage my time effectively and reduces my stress level and of course this keeps me organised and productive.

  This is something I make sure I don’t miss because it motivates me to get up early everyday. Planning my day and week helps me evaluate my progress and stay on track with my plans. I now make sure to intentionally organize my days instead of just having objectives and not getting the work done.

3. Daily must: Establishing my daily musts was a big one for me. I made sure I prayed about it and stayed consistent with it.  I wake up now with a sense of purpose and ownership of my day.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get as I tick off my Daily must and get excited to do this again the next day. This made me realise how much I underestimated the power of routine and structure in my dailys, honestly having a daily must is a goal.

4. Prayer structure/schedule: I learnt the importance of praying with a prayer schedule/strategy, this helps me pray with a purpose. Even when I feel weak and exhausted, I don’t feel discouraged when I need to pray. 

Prayer Is our only weapon so we need to be intentional and have a strategic plan to make my prayer structure work. I am strategic in my prayers now because this enemy we are dealing is very strategic.

As a Mum and wife, I am the prophet over my children and husband so I cannot be slack or laidback in prayers.

5. Journaling: Even if I have always been a writer, I never journaled daily. I journal daily now and it has in a way aided my other spiritual disciplines. I communicate with God a lot through journaling. Journaling also helps me feel vulnerable and connect to God deeply.

I basically write down everything God says to me,  I am able to put my feelings and thoughts to words and process what is going on in my mind better. I am always on the run and journaling forces me to slow down and helps me process what is going on inside my mind.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, upset and frustrated, I am able to write down my feelings to God which helps me release any pain I may be feeling and softens my heart to respond readily to the Spirit’s promptings. Journaling also helps me build my faith by recording God’s goodness and faithful acts.

6. Confessions
Wow I can go on and on talking about how much my perspective on confession has changed. Our words are spiritual and carry power and they are the way God works.

Proverbs 12:14 tells us that we shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of our mouths.

Our words have supernatural power that changes our circumstances and shapes our destinies. I look forward to my confessions daily and I make sure not to miss it, it is my responsibility to speak those words to myself with scriptural backings. Confessing in line with God’s word is a powerful way to change your circumstances
Mama E, thank you so much for the opportunity, your time and for never holding back. I am privileged to have been in your mentorship program and I don’t take it for granted. You have not just blessed me but blessed generations to come. I love you plenty.

I hope you enjoyed it, be sure to drop a comment, share with your friends, subscribe and also look forward to our next GDQ who shares next Friday.



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