FIRST 15: A simple way to start your day RIGHT at home

One of my daily confessions says that all I need to know per time comes to me on time, exactly when I need it. I especially love that confession because not only am I off all the popular social media platforms, the few social apps on my phone have their notifications off.

Basically, for information to come to me, I HAVE to make an effort

Google notifications, OFF

WhatsApp… OFF

YouTube… OFF

Err’thang… OFF


Truth is I am too busy doing my God-given assignments and serving my family, so I learned to keep my distraction levels LOW so my productivity levels can be high.

Yup, I did a post on that here on my personal blog where I share my personal faith based walk

On keeping my distraction levels LOW

Ok, so confessions, I need to be saying that so that God brings me the right things and I don’t miss out on anything important.

Which is why somehow yesterday, ALL THINGS ADRIENNE popped up on my YouTube feed and there she was talking about WEIGHT LOSS.

I actually like her channel but I am not consistent and hadn’t even visited this year so it was shocking to see, but really exciting that she had lost weight so I clicked.

Find the video here, it really is a good one especially as it is so holistic

How I lost weight by Adrienne H

As she shared her strategy, one of the things she mentioned was this thing called the FIRST 15.

Basically, the first 15mins of her waking hours, she spends intentionally on three things, in 5min blocks. I frankly cannot recall what she does though I know one of the 5mins is in prayers but I really LOVED the concept and decided to adapt it to my life.

I think FIRST 15 is a whole thing, so I must tell you that I didn’t bother going to get details on Mr. Google or anything because I didn’t want to obey overwhelmed with information. I just knew how I wanted to apply it and I was sticking to my way.

So usually, I wake up. Drink half a liter or a liter of water, and I take my confessions. It takes me anything between 15 and 20mins and then I pray and get into the Word, worship, journaling and all.

Btw, if any GDQ here wants to learn how to craft her confessions, I gotcha mama. I did a WHOLE detailed practical post on on how I craft my confessions and I share lots of screen shots from it.

Stop reading this and go there NOW, then come back here

The link is here

How I craft my confessions

Ok, back to my gist.

So with the First15, I tweaked my morning routine a teeny weeny bit.

Yes, I still start my day with my confessions after hydration, cos HONESTLY, I NEED it. I need to wake up speaking, literally and I use the ECHO PRAYER app for it. (Details are in the post above which you hopefully have read by now). I take my confessions in bed, and then I lay down back and do the FIRST15 routine. (I’m not tempted to sleep back so if you are, please get up)

I start with 5mins prayers for myself. I especially pray for my heart, ask God to search it and remove anything not of Him in it, I confess any sins I need to confess, and this confession is really important cos I need the Lord to help me keep my heart pure. In fact, the bulk of my 5mins is spent praying for and purifying my heart. I don’t pray in tongues or pray out Lord. I just have a simple, quiet, conversation with Jesus.

Once my timer goes off, (yes I set a timer) I start to pray for my husband for 5mins. I really focus more on His relationship with God in those 5mins. Once the timer goes off, I switch to my kids. At this point, I pray for their hearts and that it stays tender for Jesus and the things of God. Again, I don’t pray in tongues, I pray in my understanding. If there are any seeds that need uprooting, I uproot. Once my timer goes off, then I get out of bed.

Gosh, when I do this, I feel SO CENTRED!!!

You know I have been telling us all to start our days centered.

Read more about starting your day centered here.

I also did a post on my Bella Naija feature last week. Check it out here

This really helps. Yes, I will still spend time in prayers but I feel like I am coming into my prayer corner more than ready for a longer time of fellowship with Jesus.

And guess what? On days I cannot afford to spend longer times praying as I normally would, that 15mins is enough to get me started on my day.

I mean, we ALL have 15mins right?

In the book ATOMIC HABITS by James CLEAR (if you have not read it, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO AND BUY THE EBOOK ONLINE NOW), he proposes even 2mins for a new habit you are trying to form and as consistency grows, you would naturally want to increase the time allotted to that task. We all have TWO MINUTES right?

Me, I have 15mins so I love this FIRST 15 concept.

So I hope you take this and adapt it to your own life. Spend it doing what works for you, but I recommend prayers though.

Let those 15mins help you center your day and get closer to Jesus before the craze of the day starts.

This especially would work for those who can genuinely not afford more time. Truly as consistency grows, you will naturally wanna add more time.

Anyone else heard about the FIRST 15 and has been using it?

How have you been using it, please?

I even think it has an app, so after this post, I probably will go online and learn more about it. Then see if there is some more goodness I can bring to my own FIRST 15. I will advise you do the same too.

Let’s rock out our FIRST 15 with Jesus so that the rest of the day has some direction and purpose

And hey, hope we have been saturating the atmosphere while we do all our domestic work with WORSHIP?

Honestly this has been a game changer for me, especially in the kitchen and God has really been speaking to me as I make the atmosphere conducive for him even while doing seemingly unimportant domestic work.

Find that post here

How to WORSHIP while you WORK at home

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God bless you, Moms


God’s Domestic Queen

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