Our 12-week GDQ Mentoring Academy is NOW OPEN (Time-sensitive blog)

Hey Queens
Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?
GOOOOOOD NEWS and I am flipping EXCITED about this…

We are opening ONCE AGAIN, by God’s grace, for the SECOND and FINAL mentoring session in the GDQ Academy for 2021

We had one in the first half of the year, and here we are again, and God is helping us close out the year right so we can get into 2022 firing with purpose, from all cylinders, at home.

God is indeed kind.

Please find out all about the last mentoring session here, and we even put together an eBook for you to download for FREE

Then after reading and you are sure you are READY, then please apply.

Link is at the end of page but I just wanted to share a few things first

It is not costing you money but it will cost you time, energy, sleep and definitely FLING you out of your comfort zone, where nothing remarkable happens anyways. So be sure you are READY to put in the work, show up for our Zoom meetings, video ON and full concentration, and submit all assignments.
it is run like a school and I am happy to drop you out if you slack, please.

You will be doing a review like the one you read above, so if you are private and don’t want your transformation and story out there, please don’t apply

Also NOTE, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, that this is Exclusively for stay at home moms, or moms who run their businesses from home. and are 100 percent in charge of their schedule.
Please don’t apply if you work for someone and outside the home. The meeting times won’t even favor you.

So if you are a Stay at home Mom looking to rock out purpose right at home, with joy too, please apply.

If your marriage is in troubled waters at the moment and you are a stay at home mom, please apply too and be sure to state that in the form.

Ok, that is all.

Applications open once this blog gets published and closes Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 11.59pm

If you are not shortlisted, I’m sorry I won’t be doing an APOLOGY email.

If you are shortlisted, please keep checking your inbox and whatsapp from Friday, September 24, 2021.

The Academy officially kicks off Monday, September 27 and ends December 19.
Please fill out this form accurately and remember, it closes Wednesday the 22nd of Sept at 11.59pm

Link is here


One last favor, please share with your GDQ Sisters/friends, both close and online friends. If you have a best friend you love, please share with her too so you both can grow together.

Post on your whatsapp and other social media, so we can reach more ladies who need to WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!

All the best, Queen

See you in class

P.S: If you are a single lady who is 18 years and above, we have a Mentorship Academy for YOU which is also time sensitive, click here to apply

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