JUNK Pandemic in Kids: Here’s how Schools and Churches can join the fight.

You would agree with me that it is time we went louder on healthy living and fitfam for our kids. The situation is getting real bad!

Schools and Churches; Two Institutions whose influence we cannot escape with our kids.
Birthdays and Celebrations; we all have them and our kids love them.
I have been thinking of how we can use both institutions to change the celebration narrative with healthier options. Not clear? Keep on reading. We’ll be on the same page by the end of the page, literally. And this is for everyone, even if you are not yet a parent!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Queen Eziaha and I am a Healthy Living and Weight Management Consultant. My goal with this blog, and every content I put out there, is to help women and by extension, families, make healthier choices when it comes to their diet and lifestyle. So I would not just arm you with information, but also tools and make it as practical as possible so that you are equipped to do what you now know to do.

I already tackled a part of this for adults in this post where I share about the dangers of free food especially when it is JUNK.

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Now let’s turn the spotlight on kids as we discus #ChildNutrition

As a mom of two boys, I am so careful about what my kids consume. I once heard Heather Lindsey say that every time we are feeding our kids, we are either feeding them life or taking life away from them.

It’s true!

Food is so powerful, and at the risk of you concluding that I am being judgemental, it is not right that we are having more and more overweight and obese kids and we think it is a sign of a healthy, well-fed child. It truly breaks my heart to see it, and I wonder if the parents, especially the mom, knows that she can actually do better!

I wonder if she knows that all these unhealthy foods, and junk consumed in quantities that are sickening but which we consider normal, will most likely one day, cause major problems for the kids’ health sooner than later. And I know that as a Mom, you don’t want to be the reason behind a sad Doctor’s diagnosis for your kids. You don’t!

In fact, let me tell you something I do. I stopped giving my kids snacks completely to school, and by snacks, I mean fruits of course! Because they would forget to bring out the banana for example out of their lunch packs and then when it is time to eat, it would be soft and we would have to trash it.

There’s more here, but here’s another snippet

And because they were the only ones really bringing fruits, there was no need for the Teachers to remind them.

One day, I asked myself if they REALLY needed snacks?

They leave for school after a healthy and filling breakfast at 7am
They go with lunch which they get to eat at 11 or Noon.

They close at 2 and are home before 3pm most days.

I decided that if I took snacks out of the equation, they MAY not die LOL. And I did. And they didn’t even miss it. When they come back, I give them a rich and yummy smoothie or popsicle which holds them till dinner at 5.30pm.

Now, let’s quickly go to the church. Another place where kids celebrate birthdays. INSIST that in our Sunday school, aside from cake, we don’t do junk. And because I know the impracticality of giving fruits to kids as party packs, or even books and all, seeing that the kids may be like 70 LOL (I attend a Mega Church, Daystar), however, I have a solution.

This solution also covers the snacks the church provides to the children.
Before I share my solution, please STOP all these packaged drinks, fried stuff, pastries, and the likes we give kids in church as snacks.

First, provide them with water. Plenty water. How many hours are they in church that we feel a need to feed them?

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