Amaka shares her Mentoring Journey with Eziaha

When Captain put up the post this year I jumped at it! I really wanted to see how she does what she does.

It’s one thing to know what to do it’s another to do it well and consistently. That’s what I wanted proximity to. I have been reading her blogs for years and her growth was so consistent it could almost be charted.

It was obvious what she knew was working… Even when it was different from those she loved or respected she made no apologies but owned it.

The results were staggering. A fire that hasn’t doused in years is worth catching… I was in a new context that I wasn’t adapting to as well as I could. I needed practical wisdom rooted in the divine.

First of all Captain pours out. She holds nothing back and just opens up her life. She’s soooo passionate. Everything is a big deal, testimony and celebration. Nothing drops. She does not take things for granted neither does she just let it go. She speaks her mind… (I got upset a lot lol) No apologies for the journey she’s on.

I loooovvvvveeeeeee how fulfilled she sounds when things are up and running on the home front. She’s super intentional about everything. Even the nitty-gritty… She’s deeeeeep about everything! Everything had a lesson, a message.

My highlights were the behind the scenes… The thought processes and vulnerabilities. Those I definitely won’t be sharing but here are bullet points from program, some of what she shared on relationships, productivity and Spirituality.

On relationships

▪️Pray about friendships.
▪️Be respectful and responsible with people’s time.
▪️Understand the seasons and cycles in your relationships. What people are going through kind of regulates how they relate.
▪️Know your place and act accordingly. ▪️Don’t be entitled and don’t let yourself be taken for granted.
▪️Don’t let non essentials distract you.
▪️Watch modes of communication. Emails are more respectful.
▪️Rejoice over growth.
▪️Gush over and to mentors, teachers and those that pour into you. Your friends too.
▪️In mentoring be willing to sometimes just plant the seed. Keep praying. Someone will water and God will give increase. It’s not about you!!!
▪️Be a student not a critic. You might not agree but there’ll be something to learn.
▪️Follow the person speaking into your season and lean in.
▪️When a season ends honour doesn’t end.
▪️Feedback is sooo important. Seek it! ▪️Provide feedback to your teachers and mentors too.
▪️Search your motives.
▪️Fight pride.
▪️Be grateful for the privilege to lead and serve.
▪️Don’t be casual about the seeds you let in your life.
▪️Be willing to be corrected.

On Spirituality

▪️Don’t trust your brain! Journal.
▪️The goal is constant growth. Overwhelm is not a problem to solve but a tension to manage.
▪️Fight with Scripture! Google, compare with other versions, write it out, say it out.
▪️Praying in your understanding is important.
▪️Get devotionals, books, articles, podcasts etc on what you are fighting.
▪️Don’t be casual in your battles. The Word is your Sword!
▪️Write out ALL prayer points. Be detailed and specific.
▪️Paste on the wall/visible places
▪️Be deliberate about your time with God. ▪️Don’t come in casually.
▪️Short confessions every hour.
▪️Be saturated in the Word!
▪️Read your journal weekly.
▪️Craft confessions based on your seasons, on what God highlights from scripture, books, messages etc.
▪️Don’t underestimate the battles you’re fighting. Come strong. Know your weapons and use them well. There’s no small fight. Be strategic. Be a step ahead
▪️Don’t underestimate your growth.
▪️Secrets fuel sin. Introduce light.
▪️The Holy Spirit is your therapist.
▪️Be grateful. Celebrate wins!!!
▪️Build an atmosphere of faith.
▪️Guard your home and your space.

On Productivity/Time Management

▪️Make your life official. Don’t be casual.
▪️Don’t shackle your time to people. Always have other things to do so you’re not tended useless for a time.
▪️If you don’t plan your time, anything can take it.
▪️Feedback is important. Especially if you’re working remotely. The absence of body language and facial expressions makes it imperative.
▪️Let God legislate the use of your time.
▪️Productive isn’t always perfect.
▪️Let God carry you.
▪️Filter your info
▪️Time is important
▪️Prepare, be well organized.
▪️Use your fringe time welllll.
▪️Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.
▪️Invest in family.
▪️Invest in your relationship with God.
▪️Be intentional in all you do.

It was a really interesting, disconcerting experience for me. I was shaken but things settled with clarity.

I’m grateful I got to lean in and glean. She’s definitely amazing. I pray Isaiah 58:10-11 over her… As she pours out that which sustains her her light will rise and God Himself will water her.

Love you Captain. God bless you plenty plenty. I’m excited to see God’s plan for you unfold in the decades ahead.


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