Respect is reciprocal even for Children.

Hey mamaaaa,

Excited to be blogging this week and you’ll particularly love today’s topic which I did a YouTube video about.

I have been sort of keeping my antennas up about the way people speak to children. And, frankly, I know we live in a society where premium has been placed on children respecting elders which is so true. But how about adults respecting children?

Respect should be mutual, what do you think? Of course the dynamics will differ on how a child respects me and how I respect a child. However, children deserve respect too! If we keep disrespecting children, how would we then teach them RESPECT? We should model what we want them to do mama.

But it all starts with what respect means to you, and how you TOLERATE DISRESPECT AS A PERSON! because you cannot give what you don’t have.

John and Lisa Bevere and their four sons.

I learnt early from Lisa Bevere about how we can project our insecurity and negative beliefs on our children if we are not careful. And I linked it all up to RESPECT in this video.

Interestingly all of these started from my kids first visit to the dentist.

Check it out here and let me know your thoughts.

Queen Eziaha.


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