Rocking your Bible Study. The GDQ way

N.B This post was first published on this blog in 2019

A couple of yawl have asked me about Bible study and all so I decided to share a few things from my Bible study and I hope you can find one or two things to tweak and apply to yours

Let me start with this scripture

For we have the living Word of God, which is full of energy,[a] and it pierces more sharply than a two-edged sword.[b] It will even penetrate to the very core of our being where soul and spirit, bone[c] and marrow meet![d] It interprets and reveals the true thoughts and secret motives of our hearts… Heb 4 v 12 TPT

I literally cannot read this scripture without praying in tongues

The Bible is FULL OF ENERGY. The WORD energizes us. The WORD is full of power. It penetrates
everything right into the marrow. It reveals things. It shows us US.


What this tells me is that I BETTER have a solid relationships with the Word.  No matter the matter, the WORD is the answer.,Which is why I looooooove the WORD of God!!!

OBSESSED is more like it.

I love spending time with my Bible, journal, pen and highlighter just drinking from the Word,
and every time I do, I never leave the same.

Every time I am overwhelmed, I pull out the Word and pray it over my life and I feel peace.

Confused? Sad? Mad? Depressed?

I get into the Word.

So here are a few things that really help my study of the Word


I MAKE time for Bible study. Yes I have my days of ‘let my audio Bible play while I do something else’, but most days, I actually clear my table, sit down with my bibles and really dig into the word. Babe, there is something for clearing out and making time for Him. It sends the right message out there and you then realize that you are getting more and more out of your Bible time

2. Do a proper study. (and I will spend more time here)

Don’t just read, study. And study takes time. It is more quality than quantity. And there is a place
for quantity I would say, for example I am doing the whole Bible in a year thing and that allows you cover large text daily. Hardly can you do a study of that but I love that you know more scripture every day. So what I do is that ifsomething jumps at me, I take note of it and do a proper study of that part later.

And what does a study entail?

First, various versions and this is where the YouVersion Bible app comes to play. You can easily compare various versions and really get the meat of it. Then I also go even deeper by checking the commentary and study notes of my study Bibles to see what they have to say. And then google online commentaries too.

For example, there is someone in the Bible that has recently been highlighted to me

Huram Abi.

To fully understand this brother, I had to check all my study Bibles and I especially love what I got from my MacArthur bible. In fact, that one was the game changer. It now helped me know how best to pray using him

Huram Abi is otherwise missable in the Bible but when the Holy Spirit highlights someone or
something and you dig deeper, it would amaze you just how much you can get from that thing.

No hurries and certainly no need for quantity. Feel free to stay with one person for as long
as you need to.

This month now, one of the things I know I need to work on is TRUST so I got out my Joyce Meyer Bible and right at the back, she has this many scriptures on many topics so I decided to go through them one by one for the month. I apply all the steps I mentioned above and then the next step which is…

3. Engage the word.

Engage for me is twofold… first write it down. The idea of writing it down in my journal is powerful for
me. I write it in various places I can see and then the next way I engage it is by praying with it. I literally open the word where I wrote it or the bible itself and continue to repeat and pray in tongues over it. The Word is so powerful and I do know that the more I pray with that word, the more its active nature is at work in me. It really is not for me to know how, I just engage the word, and actively too until I see results

As a bonus, and like you must have picked above, I do invest in really amazing Bibles that I actually want to read and study. I love YouVersion, but it really cannot replace the hardcopy word for me, especially the study bibles.

So this month and going forward, please really dig into the word.

The internet is an amazing resource even if you don’t have a study Bible. If there is any area in your life you feel like there is a gap, get on google, write that area and put bible or bible study at the end and search. Many articles and web pages will come up then take your time and go through, reading the scriptures and asking the Holy Spirit to highlight which one He would want you to study even more and
then go for it

The WORD of God is POWERFUL.

It changes things

And then it CHANGES us!!!

So cheers for a rich rich RICH bible study experience going forward.

Let me know if there is something else you would like me to write about



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