Pockets, Blocks and Stretches

I will share some practical tips below.

But let us turn our spotlight to the POCKETS chick.

Ha, let us call her P.C

The P.C is like my friend Vee. You can only afford POCKETS on time here and there, anything between 15mins and 45mins to get anything done. This is where a lot of moms with new babies and toddlers are.

Now, side note: we TRAIN children please. I am not here for moms with kids who should have been trained. Nah. Google and let the HS lead you to Christian articles that can help you TRAIN your kids. I also recommend Susanna Wesley’s biography by Eric Mertaxes. Her story is BRILLIANT!!!

I am talking about moms in a FULL ON mommy season. Your kids for now, run the TIME show and you have to go with that flow.

Operative word: FOR NOW

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