Pockets, Blocks and Stretches

It works with housework. You may not have a full day to do deep cleaning but you have 5mins pockets after brushing your teeth to clean the sink, and another 5mins after bathing to quickly wash the toilet bowl you already sprinkled harpic into before jumping in the bath.

It can work with parenting. Personally, I am using POCKETS to help my 5 year old with his Nielsen handwriting. Even if for just 10mins a day, I make him practice and that makes such a HUGE difference.

I would LOVE to have STRETCHES but that cannot work.

It can even work with sleep. I have found that a 30min cat nap at 5pm gives me energy that can carry me for an extra 1 or 2 hours after 8pm when my body typically starts to shut down

At work too, a 15min shut-eye at noon (plus the right diet mama) can power you for the next 3 work hours

Like I said, it works with everything

TIME left on its own, is never enough so let us DISPENSE with that excuse already…

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