A simple solution Mom: Your kids deserve better on their plates.

I had heard Heather Lindsey say that with every bite you are giving your children, you are either giving them life or death.

A new school year is upon us as parents especially as moms. You are probably already buying things to put in your children’s lunch box, to feed them for breakfast, dinner and all. Being a mum is a full time job and you are doing so amazing. I am a mum myself and by God’s grace I have two boys at the time of recording this who will be 9 and 7 this 2024. And I do my very best to be intentional about how I feed them. Quite early in my parenting, I had heard Heather Lindsey say that with every bite you are giving your children, you are either giving them life or death. She didn’t exactly say it like this, but this was how I heard and received it and it did something to me.

I didn’t start that way, especially when I had my first child. Like most of you, I wanted to give him some kind of food that was a sign of wealth and affluence. I also fell for that. So I started to give him some of those funny things but I caught myself early and decided to change. Which is why we did the Wellness Revival in 2023. It was so important that I wasn’t only telling moms and parents in general what to do, I started to show them HOW. Taking it to the next level and bringing 9 revivalists plus myself to teach them.

We also took it to another level by launching the Nourish and Flourish moms club because we want to make sure you are without excuse, especially in how you feed your children. You are in charge. You are going to give account before God and you want to be confident enough to say that the children you gave to me, I have done my best by them, especially about their diet. Judging by the statistics, it’s not looking good. We have more children dealing with childhood obesity, food induced diabetes and all kinds of sicknesses that we could have avoided if we were more intentional about their diet.

So, in this blog, I am going to tell you three things to completely eliminate in your kids plate and Lunch Boxes and what you can replace them with. All I want you to do is to bring along a growth mindset on this journey and let’s do this!

Number 1. Completely eliminate packaged, sugary and fizzy drinks. We can all do without it, especially our children. Those drinks do nothing for our children, rob our pockets and doesn’t help the children’s health. What will you replace the drinks with? Find out in this video.

Number 2. Eliminate every biscuit with cream in the middle or that’s extremely sweet. It’s too sugary, it’s not helping their energy level, it causes stress for the teacher, it’s not helping their tooth, it’s not helping your pocket and more than anything, it’s hurting their health. Wondering what you should replace it with? It’s in this video.

Do you want to know the last thing to eliminate and what you should replace with? It’s all in this video. I am sure it’ll bless you in no small way.

Till next time, Shalom! Shalom! Moms and I am rooting for you super hard.


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