Ring the bell, leave a BETTER legacy!!!

If this post looks like I am bragging, please forgive me. I recently heard one of my Yankee mentors say that they have this family tradition at home where someone will ask ‘Can I ring my bell?’ which means ‘Can I brag on myself right now?, and permission would usually be granted.
We are too quick to deflect praise in an act of ‘humbility’ but maybe what we should do is take a minute to receive or give yourself the accolades, and then give ALL the glory to God.
So, If I have your permission to ring my own bell, please keep reading.

Hey Queen,

I am bursting with all the shades and hues of JOY as I write this.

God is GOOD!!!

When I came into 2021, one of my PRIVATE but MAJOR goals was that I wanted my BEST FRIENDS to all be within the FOUR WALLS OF MY HOME.

By the grace of God, I have a GREAT marriage, but I wanted it to be BETTER and MORE INTIMATE.
I wanted my husband to be the FIRST I wanted to share the MOST IMPORTANT things with and also be MOST VULNERABLE with.

Tough call, but I was willing to pay the price.

I also wanted to SPEND more time with and ENJOY my kids while raising them to be GRIC, that is Godly, Responsible, Independent, and Confident.

Winning At Motherhood… Raising responsible and independent kids

I didn’t think it would be EASY but COVID made me believe it was possible.
Again, it would COST me A LOT especially in terms of time and energy but I was wiling to pay the price.

I also wanted a HEALTHY home for real. If it was possible, I wanted to be able to make the water my family will drink LOL.

Again, it would cost me.
Again, I was WILLING to pay the price.

I did a couple of things to make sure I won on all, like deciding against any live in help, not letting my kids go off for holidays and sleepovers without me, saying NO to many opps that let me out the house, and dial back on some friendships to create margin in my hours to invest at home.

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This week, I am sharing one of CALM DOWN where basically I encourage GDQs to please INVEST in your home, marriage and kids. IT IS WORTH IT!!!

Ok, so let’s RING THAT BELL baby, and I will just share a FEW.

1. My husband and I have LITERALLY supercharged our marriage. EVERYTHING is literally 200% better, from communication, to sex, to no harsh words and fights, to sharing my biggest dreams with him, to crying when I have to (I am a toughie hehe), and more. We LITERALLY cannot believe how much more intimate we have gotten. We literally PINCH ourselves and thank God for our marriage every time we pray together.

2. My kids are DEFINITELY more responsible than their age, loving and talking about JESUS, spend so little time on screen and more time on books, eat healthy and enjoy it, and more.

3. My home front is peaceful, neat and so welcoming. Our BEST place to hang out is at home as there is such an atmosphere of glory,peace and the presence of God at home.

I want to ring more of the MUMMY bell, so permit me to share this table…

Wins at home

I am AMAZED at all these because I didn’t exactly grow like this. I have 10 teeth with issues, holes, and gaps, to give you an idea of how bad it was for me, yet I am leaving a BETTER LEGACY for my kids.

And I WANT TO HELP you too.

Which is why I mentor
Which is why I blog
Which is why I have a YouTube channel
Which is why I send you emails

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And while all these channels of impact can really make a difference in your home and parenting, I know some of you would want more guidance and would want to work with me even more closely, so I created the course;

A better LEGACY

Honestly, this program is WORTH ITS WEIGHT in gold and I am still PINCHING myself I GET to do this.

I ran it by a few moms and women before we went LIVE and the feedback at our strategic sessions were INCREDIBLE.

WE truly believe that THIS PROGRAM will change things for good for your children, literally empowering you to leave them a BETTER LEGACY.

I once coached a Client, a medical Doctor, whose health challenges had led her to us, but despite our best efforts, kept failing. One day, she vulnerably told me how she literally grew up on junk food, as her mom would replace real food she rejected with pastries and the likes. That battle I was trying to win was over 30years old.

I didn’t couldn’t win!

I however RESOLVED to do BETTER by my kids as anything less would be sin.

I KNOW you too want to do better.

This program is for moms ready to lay the foundation of a healthy legacy for their kids.

LEGACY would hand moms, in 10weeks, practical tools and alternatives in a world that both normalizes and glorifies junk, giving you the deeper convictions needed to stand your ground. It promises an exciting, effective, and unforgettable experience for you and your kids, while bringing sustainable results.

Every detail you need is here

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A better LEGACY, for today, for tomorrow, for our children

1st Stream: Sunday, October 17 to Friday December 24
2nd Stream: Sunday, October 24 to Friday, December 31

Registration is open. Check fun sheet for how to enrol
Email coache@coache.ng or whatsapp 09055868614

I truly cant wait to work closely with you, and if somehow you cant get in, please share, and then stick to the blog, youtube and more, because I am COMMITTED to ensuring that God’s Domestic Queens who encounter me, by God’s grace, continue to live their BEST LIVES, find JOY in their season, throw our FRUSTRATION and DEPRESSION, and leave a BETTER LEGACY for their kids.

I am not going anywhere, as God helps and keeps me

Sending you SO MUCH love


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5 Reasons To Fight Unhealthy Food For Your Kids

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