5 ways to simplify and JOY-ify your life at HOME!!!

Frustration? Present
Joy? Absent
Overwhelm? Present
Margin? Absent
Comparison? Present
Contentment? Absent

Phew Sis, you don’t want to be here, and I don’t want you here too.

Read on, we are getting you out of there into a SIMPLE and JOYFILLED LIFE

Next level YOU starts NOW!!!


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Ok, so on to the reason you are reading. In recent times, I have had more GDQs and women in general share with me different challenges that revolve around comparison, frustration, feeling useless and small (talked about this in the last email which you missed because you are NOT yet on the mailing list. JOIN NOW), and just a lack of joy around this stay at home mom season.

I really WISH I could come to all our houses and look into your eyes and tell you just how AMAZING this season is and how YOU (you alone and Jesus) have the power to rock it out and make the BEST of it.

Since I can’t come to your house, I will pray for you, and share my wisdom from heaven on how we can both simplify and joy-ify this life.

I say simplify because some of us live such COMPLEX and unnecessarily HEAVY lives, carrying load you don’t have to.

By the end of this blog AND the YouTube video that accompanies it, you will ask for my account number and bless me with cash and prayers.

Let’s go (finally haha)

1. Find and slash the negatives

There is something stealing your joy, Sis, and you KNOW what it is. It could be Instagram, your in-laws, your bank account, or some pressuring and negative vibe friendship. Let me give you permission to cut it off.

Now for some of you, you cant exactly cut off your MIL for example, BUT you can GUARD and FORTIFY your heart.

I recall when my parents would do and say things to me that would HURT me to tears. At the time, I lived briefly with them, after I had my first son, and had just quit my job at the United NATIONS. They thought I had made the WORST decision of my life, and didn’t hesitate to remind me of my foolishness every time. One day, after another heated argument session, I recall crying AGAIN and went into my room, rang my sister and was wailing and talking, she could barely hear me. My parents barged in and even threatened to beat me up (I was 29 oooo, married and with a son), and kept the insults up.

When it was all over and I went to God, He told me that if anytime my parents upset me and I react emotionally, they will NEVER stop seeing me as a baby (I am also the last child), so I needed to get a FIRM GRIP on my emotions and always react calmly to anything they say NO MATTER HOW I FEEL

I can cry in private ooo, but before them, be calm.

I started to do that and they LOST every control over me!!!

Today, look at my life!!!

So, while you may not be able to control the external, control YOURSELF.

Guard your heart and fight for joy

Get off Instagram PERMANENTLY or temporarily (on YouTube, I share tips on how to manage social media), delete Facebook, tell that friend to stop calling you, block those people that tension you, and for God’s sake, OPEN YOUR BIBLE and read what God is saying to you.

His words BRING PEACE and JOY!!!

You KNOW your stressors and tensions; STOP TOLERATING THEM!!!!!


2. Quiet time and Journal on a regular

I talk on this on YouTube more so check out the video here

This may seem simple but that’s the beauty of it. It is so simple yet effective.

It is YOU-TIME and you must fight for it, so you can feel your soul!!!

3. Exercise

Yes, I am a health and wholeness Coach but even if I wasn’t, I would be an exercise advocate. It just rearranges things in your system for good, can lift your mood instantly, relieves stress, give strength, and make you healthier.

Get on YouTube mama, and do it with your kids (I share some of my fave in this blog the blog on upgrades for your kids)

From Good to BETTER? Here are 5 Upgrades you can introduce RIGHT NOW for your kids

If you can afford walks, please invest in regular walks, with music, a sermon, an audio book or just plain silence to enjoy nature and the weather.

Plan to workout a sweat at least 5 times a week for even if 15mins though 30mins even better.

Fun-fact: with my phone basically unreachable and my timer in front of me, my 3 blogs for the week are being written. I blocked out 9 to 11.30am to get it done on a Thursday. WRITING is a lot of work and drains brain fuel. This is the third one I am writing and I should be done a few minutes shy of 11.30am. I jump into the Nigeria prayers at Noon (you can join us here to pray weekly for our country) and then the GDQ mentoring session from 1 to 2.30pm. Now to get some energy, I will be working out either between 11.30 and Noon or 12.30 and 1pm to get some energy as the day has already been intense. I will use the other time to get a quick 20min nap or so too.
Boom, then I am ready to fire on!!!

Exercising is a super power!!!

4. Embrace JOMO

The wonderful JOY OF MISSING OUT!!!

This one is a WHOLE course, so the YouTube video accompanying this blog will focus on embracing JOMO

Just a teaser though, like I said above, I live a minimal and simple life.

I don’t have clutter around my home, no unnecessary multiples of the same thing, or things we don’t use often. I am not on the conventional social media sites (IG, Facebook, Twitter), my phone is on flight mode for 3 to 6 hours most days, all my whatsapp statuses are mute and I don’t even have whatsapp for my personal line, notifications are all off on my phone except the Bible app, so nothing dings, pings and buzzes around me, aside from alarms.

You may read this and consider me socially irrelevant, which is correct, but I have never missed out on anything important that I truly needed to know, I run a successful business from home, 3 blogs, a YT channel, various WILD communities (prayer groups), two 12-week mentoring academies for singles and then GDQs like you (by December, I would have run 4 sessions this year, imagine), read a minimum of 3 books monthly, get invited for speaking engagements and STILL HAVE INTENSE TIME for my family because I have a husband, two kids and NO CONVENTIONAL domestic help.

Simplicity is my super power.

I embrace JOMO with my WHOLE life and I share more on YouTube

5. Plant more seeds, quench less fires

Learned this from a book and I loved it. Basically, this means that you have systems, routines and structures for the home so that things work predictably because you planted those seeds, as opposed to having fires all the time you have to put out.

Have laundry days (seeds you plant) so you don’t get up on Tuesday morning to see that all the kids socks are dirty. (fire that has to be put out)

Have a grocery list you keep building and shopping days, so you never run out of anything and are ignorant until it is night and you 2 year old has run out of diapers, or you finish making soup for hubby and realize that amala has finished.

Plan your meal timetable ahead and every Sunday, look at what you have and need to buy, and do the needful. Also prep what you have to so on weekdays, you have less work and thinking to do

Basically mama, run your home like a BUSINESS and be the BAAAAAAAAD CEO that you are!!!

That’s what people do AT WORK ooo. The work you think when you get, your life will be 100% better!!!

Bring that concept home and make it WORK

This bring so much JOY to the work that you do at home and you don’t let anyone make you feel like it doesn’t matter.

Even your husband will see just how amazing you are doing and will respect you, rather then when every time, all he sees you do is put out fires!!!

Ok, that’s all Queens.

Which point resonates the most, and most important, which will you be applying NOW???

I wanna hear from you.

Also, the conversation continues on YouTube and clicking this image below will get you right there, as I share 5 practical ways to embrace JOMO!!!!

See you there, and if you have any friend who needs this, please share with her and invite her to also join our GDQ mailing list here and YT growing family by subscribing.

Cheers to a SIMPLE and JOYFUL life, at home
Your Sister

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