Fed to FAIL… 5 foods to reduce drastically or eliminate RIGHT now from your kid’s table

I just wish we could all REALLY take a minute to research and THINK about not just what but WHY we are feeding our kids what we are feeding them?
Are we heavily influenced by culture? What is popular and cool? Money? Laziness?
I know as a mom you love your kids, like I do, but when UNICEF says that we moms can actually FEED TO FAIL, then we wanna listen. Which is why I am happy to share with you 5 surprisingly popular and cool foods that should have NO (regular) place in your kitchen.



Like you probably can tell, Child Nutrition is a WHOLE passion of mine. The kitchen is one of my fave places at home and every time I serve my family by cooking, I truly feel very privileged. I want to make sure that with every meal, I am consistently feeding them life and not taking life away from them.

And it is my JOY and HONOR to help you do the same.

Which is why in this post, I will be sharing 5 foods you really shouldn’t not WASTE money on. Not only are they pricey, they also benefit nothing nutrition wise when compared to the harm they bring. That your neighbor and influencer on Instagram does it doesn’t mean you should.
Now you KNOW better, we MUST do better as God will judge us based on what we know and neglected to act on.

Ok let’s go

5 fed-to-fail foods

1. Sausages
I don’t know if I should nag here or not, because I have done a full blog dedicated to it.

#ChildNutrition: The dangers of sausages

Full of sodium, preservatives and additives, it really is harmful for our kids, and we need to put the brakes in on it. Its protein but very poor quality, so give your kids fish, meats and eggs and eliminate the addiction sausages can bring.

(Yes in this YT video, I talk about why these harmful foods are addictive. Its the 5 reasons to fight unhealthy video) Long and short; nothing good in sausages abeg.

2. Store bought fries

Again, I have a full blog dedicated to it here. I know it can be a hassle to cut your own chips and it never quite looks and tastes like store-bought ones any ways. The ones bought packaged are sweeter and also seem more ‘together’ and that is because of all the preservatives and sodium and all. Its messed up honestly and it is worth it if you have to stress about the cutting manually.

#ChildNutrition: The Dangers Of Store-bought Frozen French Fries.

I share a recipe here on a healthier way to rock out fries, aka Irish potato

Farm to Table; 5 simple Farm2Table meals to introduce NOW to your kids

Funny how we serve two of them together and we think it is fancy.

3. Noodles


Like I opened with in the YT video accompanying this blog, lets do some research, moms. Just a little research will out the fear of God in you. Phew.

Highly processed to NOTHINGNESS, then full of trans fat, wax-coated, high sodium content, and just generally bad bad bad.
Honestly, our kids deserve better. A BETTER LEGACY literally

Please don’t make noodles the staple at home. I know it is easy to prep and extra delicious, but that’s all it has to offer. At the end, it does more harm than good. Lets stop feeding to fail, please. Plus it is so addictive that when your kids get used to it, good luck getting them to eat

Farm2Table REAL FOOD

4. Sugary, Fizzy drinks

Even for you, fizzy drinks should not be a norm. Yes, I get once in a while when we go out and all, but keep it away from your home. In addition to all the sugar which is so unhealthy, it can also cause tooth ache while still being addictive. Oh, should we talk about the tendency for weight gain? If you are looking to correct overweight, just take away fizzy and sugary drinks and see ‘American wonders’ oooo.

Please lets save our kids, abeg and give them more water and natural fruit juices

Five reasons to Fight Unhealthy Food For Your Kids

5. Colored and coated cereals

I am here for colors but only when they are related to fruits and vegetables like I share on YouTube.
When cereal starts to have many colors and coatings, we need to steer clear of them for our kids.

Repeat after me: I will not let my kids be victims of sleek advertising!!!

Because that is really what is moving us… sleek ads, fancy packaging and happy bill boards, meanwhile nutritionally zero.
When it comes to cereals, keep it plain and simple, then sweeten naturally at home with milk, fruits, honey or dates as need be.

Stop being advertising and manufacturing giants victims, and for God’s sakes, let help save our kids from this JUNK GOLBAL PANDEMIC!!!

OK, so there is more but I wanted to share this 5 and in this video which accompanies this blog, I share more reasons that will help you move from FED TO FAIL to FEED TO WIN!!!

This blog also has more details on how to feed to win, with practical simple foods that are child-friendly.

Farm to Table; 5 simple Farm2Table meals to introduce NOW to your kids

Let me know which points resonated most and you will be applying. Also if you know any sweet mama who needs this, please be a darling and share with her

We all need all the help we can get as mums so when you share in the comments and share the link with your mummy communities, you help more moms and kids by extension.

That is how we can win this global JUNK pandemic

With so much CHEER for you


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