Need strength? 5 reasons to work out, beyond ‘losing weight’

Mommy work is HARD work, from the moment conception happens, to the 40 weeks of literally carrying a growing and living human on the inside of you, then the hard work of labor and delivery, then a marathon of caring for that little human until they are out of your home, women need a WHOLE medal for just being born WOMEN.

And because of this intensity of mommyhood, we should seek out and embrace ways to strengthen and toughen ourselves for this journey so we don’t buckle under pressure, or give less than what we have been GRACED to give. One way I know for sure (after prayers and keeping a good diet), would be EXECRISING, which is what this blog is all about.

Hey Queens,

You are doing well.

In our fifth week at our GDQ mentoring academy, we free-styled on DOMESTIC CODE, meaning I just let them ask questions and I answered right there, without a script and meeting agenda (this we will still do next week because mentoring thrives on INTENTIONALITY, not FREESTYLE). As I listened to their questions and read the riveting comments on the Zoom chat room, I once again reiterated the truth that moms are HEROES!!! It is amazing the HARD WORK we do to hold it all together. One of us is even a mom of TRIPLETS (3 months at the time she joined in) and yet she is showing up in the mentoring academy, and actually putting in the hard work to do better.

Our 12-week GDQ Mentoring Academy is NOW OPEN (Time-sensitive blog)

No matter how highly rated we are rated, we just will never be rated enough hehe.

Since we pour out so much, it only makes sense that we find ways to get poured into too, and one sweet way is by exercising.

NO, I don’t mean the kind we decide to do BECAUSE we want to lose the (baby) weight ooo.

Nope, beyond weight loss, exercising has many more benefits and I want to share FIVE of the really good ones for you with you, in the hopes that I get you off your bum and couch and working up a sweat at least 5 times a week. Morning, afternoon or night, Gym, indoors, or outdoor, you MUST make time for working out, no matter how busy you are. It is FOR YOU, and you MUST make time for YOU!!!

And these benefits are not from one -off and erratic exercising ooo; you must make a practice of this to enjoy the benefits.

Ready, set, SWEAT!!!!

1. The ultimate de-stresser!!!

When it comes to anything physical, no drug works as good as working up a good sweat. When you exercise and sweat, you release endorphins also known as the happy hormones, which make you (d’uh) happy, while taking away the stress of the day that has built up. This thing is scientifically proven, and it WORKS. Stress will make you a mom and wife nobody wants to be around for long, and so work out that stress and release those endorphins as you drip. Working out on the other hand will make you look younger and fresher.

2. Energy booster

This should have been number one, but number 2 is a good place too. As your heart rate increases and pumps more blood, you strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system, and invariably, your whole body gets stronger the more you work out. And God knows you need strength every single day. So please whatever you do, find a way to engage in workouts that get that heart rate pumping. The more breathless you are, just know that you are getting STRONGER. So don’t just go for slow walks only, have high-intensity days.

3. Bonding with the family (or friends)

Such a great way to create family memories or bond bond bond with one another. You can work out as a family, either alone with your kids, or hubs, or everyone who is available. The more the merrier.

There are many YT videos that you can do together as a family.

And if you can afford to take the party to the streets, then take a long walk with everyone who can walk (or throw the smaller ones into a pusher or pram) and get walking and bonding.

And if the family is not available, and you have a friend or two, plan ahead and meet up for long brisk walks as you catch up or find some sister-sister strength.

And if you can afford the time and resources for the gym, ah its a good place to bond with other people too (keep reading, I share a few tips for anyone who wants to make the gym part of her workout routine below)

And if you have to do it alone, make that a prayer, praise, or productivity walk by talking to Jesus, listening to a sermon or music, or a good ol’ audiobook. That’s a sweet way to bond with yourself.

4. Better use of your time than faff’ing

Aka, wasting time online scrolling through the lives of everyone else.


We claim we don’t have time to work out but we have endless hours to scroll on Instagram, then we leave feeling depressed, sad and like our lives count for less than NOTHING.

But you could have spent that time working out and getting all the amazing benefits of a good workout to your spirit, soul, and body.

So while endlessly scrolling will mostly get your emotions in the dumps, working out will make you more creative so you can take that creativity into making your sweet lief even better than anything you see on the ‘gram!!!

5. Better sleep and better sex

(Men come closer hehe)

Sex is better after a good couple workout!!! SCIENTIFICALLY proven. Again, it only makes sense, seeing as both of you have also bonded together and released those sweet endorphins during the workout. Then you have gained some physical strength too, so after a good shower together, your sex and sleep will be 100% better.

My pro tip: Friday and Saturday nights are the BEST time to get this going because you can then sleep in the next morning (before church on Sunday)!!!


So, I hope I have been able to convince you that working out to lose weight is a waste of your workout quotient lol. Which of these reasons will get you up and pumping? Drop a comment.

Annnnnnnd if you are a gym person BUT somehow, the gym hasn’t been working for you like I mentioned in my status screenshot above, then maybe it is time to get wiser, smarter, and more strategic in how you use the gym, which is why I did this video on YT with 5 tips to make the gym WORK FOR YOU.

Watch, share and above all, APPLY

See you where we sweat things out!!!

To your STRONGEST self,



If you have some time. I have two other posts this week on my Faith and Domestic Queen blogs. You can find them here


Need strength? 5 reasons to work out, beyond ‘losing weight’

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