WILD WARRING Queens Academy… Let’s WAR for our marriages (Application open)

Yay so I’m updating this post because 2.0 is READY to go live soon

Application is OPEN so read all the way down and then prayerfully apply

We gotta give it to satan sha, dude is a WHOLE FOOL

I had just put up these on my WhatsApp status because I realised satan came for my WHOLE LIFE this morning.

Infact, I had such a sour mood that i felt the HS gently telling me to be mindful of what satan was doing and guard my heart AND physical environment, cos even the environment was heavy with a very dark spirit.

As a Queen in this home, I am not unaware just how much POWER I hold in determining the SPIRITUAL mood of my home which of course always has a PHYSICAL coefficient. Basically, I am a THERMOSTAT here. If mama is happy, she can make everyone happy. If mama is dank, the entire atmosphere follows her dankness.

Powerful right?

Really is….

Which is why Holy spirit just kept gently trying to woo me back.

Boom, I finally succumbed.

I brought out my journal and started to war with words.

I wrote out how I FELT first.

Then what I KNEW beyond my FEELINGS

Then what I was going to do.

Ah I wrote out scriptures, long hand.

I referred to my Bible school notes where PDDK had taught us about how to handle discouragement.

Let me snap the journal and you see if you can make sense of what I wrote…

Basically satan uses EVERY ARSENAL to discourage us.

He basically MAGNIFIED everything he could about what was not adding up in my life. He laid experience upon reality.

Haaaaa satan CAME sha.

Thankfully, whose armory is empty of arsenals?

Not Eziaha’s


I found scriptures

I opened my journal to ENCOUNTERS and SCRIPTS God had given me.

I reminded myself of them as I read them out loud

I wrote scriptures LONG HAND in many versions including some Hebrew and Greek.

I listed out worship songs to keep playing. Infact as I write, RAISE A HALLELUJAH is playing from my YouTube.

Oh and I kept praying in the spirit and my understanding. Making declarations.

I LITERALLY felt the atmosphere shift as the dank feeling lifted and I prayed until the JOY of the Lord came into my life and gave me physical strength to go on.

Then I got my kids, who thanks to the dank mood I had been snapping at all morning, and made family devotion about GOD’S JOY BEING OUR STRENGTH

Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Nehemiah 8:10 NIV

By the time I was done, satan KNEW Haha

Then a couple hours later, I found myself saying I AM SO HAPPY and I stopped


I was so discouraged a few hours ago.
Now without thinking, I blurted out happiness.


So I decided to share on my WhatsApp and after I got done, the HS REMINDED me that BEFORE satan came for me, He woke me up with a word….

Ladies, can I tell you that I woke up with that word AND almost like one in a daze, I walked to my work space to write it down.

I am so thankful I did. Infact I recall He told me almost like a plea…

Eziaha, I KNOW you have your own things to do but CAN YOU PLEASE HELP MY PEOPLE PRAY.
Help my daughters PRAY

IT will cost you even MORE but can you? Will you do this for me?

I mean, that dude was TOASTING me right from my sleep and I KNEW what He meant lol.

So with that reminder, it was time to do this post…

I shared an email earlier and I’ll just share it verbatim below

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Ok so the email… At the end, I’ll include a link to apply.

Start of Mail

Hey Queen,

I prayyyyyy that you are keeping well.

You know, on my morning walk this morning, I thought about the content of my email today, and I am super excited to share this that the Lord laid on my heart.

Queen, how is your prayer life?

This year, my heart has broken in pieces from some of the hardest and painful stories I have heard about some of your marriages.

I was talking to a dear sister yesterday about hers and I love something she said…

“The surest thing I can do now, the ONLY thing I can hold on to now, is PRAYERS…”

And honestly, after hearing her story, I couldn’t agree more.

While we have been CALLED to pray, and it really should be the FIRST RESORT, BUT definitely not the ONLY thing we will do.

I believe our prayers form the FOUNDATION, and then, as LED BY THE SWEET HOLY SPIRIT, we then start to take the right actions, and then we will SEE RESULTS.

But, before we get to action, let us camp with prayers for a while…

Again I ask Queen, how is your prayer game going?

Are you even fighting at all?

I ask this because a LOT of us THINK we are praying BUT we are actually just playing.

Recently, a friend and I were in conversation at her place and she said something I could not agree more with.

Satan and his demons actually CALL A BOARD MEETING and plan out their STRATEGY for attack.

Meanwhile, we Christians just roll out of bed and stroll into a day that already has a BATTLE CRY sounded into it.

You ROLL out of bed and STROLL into a battle field, NAKED and UNARMED, then wonder why satan looks like he is winning.

Honey, it is the WEAKNESS of our fight most times.

And what ANNOYS me like crazy is the TRUTH that satan is really REALLY powerless, but when we are not well kitted for our fight, he starts to look POWERFUL. Ugh.

I hate that.

Which is why as I enter into my new year, I have been setting up my life to SAY YES to the call on my life to fortify more and more women in the place of prayers.

Funny, I have been hosting and leading prayers for the longest of time with women, but now I have even more clarity on this CALL.

Recall that post I did here asking for those interested to join the WILD WIVES who pray at midnight every Sunday (well, Monday)

Your “JERUSALEM” and the gift of COVID-19

So 4 things the Lord has shown me about prayers and while I will still do a blog post, I wanted to do a pre-post to those on my mailing list.

So when we say, Yes we are praying, or we have PRAYED about anything, I like to confirm that with these 4 parameters

Are your prayers
Are you
3. DISCIPLINED in prayers?
4. STRATEGIC in prayers?

I mean, there MAY be more, but these four were highlighted to me by the Lord.

Do you have a real PASSION as you pray or you just lazily pray while browsing online or chatting on your phone?

James 5 v 16 reminds us that it is only our PASSIONATE heartfelt prayer that is POWERFUL.

I think of it as in giving birth. ALL of us KNOW that if a woman is to PUSH out a baby, she can’t just do that while reading a magazine. Ditto prayers. So ask and answer the PASSION question.

Are your prayers CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT?

Do you start and stop or do you PERSIST till you see answers?

As a fitness apostle, I KNOW firsthand, how inconsistency can useless one’s efforts. You see someone doing well for 4 or even 6weeks, then something happens and boom, in one week, she gains the 5kg she lost in 6 weeks. She RETROGRESSED because she wasn’t consistent.

I love that Jesus tells us to KEEP PRAYING and never stop, in the parable of the Unjust Judge and Persistent widow in Luke 18.

In fact, at the end of that parable, He asks a salient question I would like to also ask you…

When the Son of man comes (or your answers), will HE FIND you PERSISTENT in your faith and prayers?

Moving on, Queen are you DISCIPLINED in prayers?

Ok, I could stay here for the next 72 hours.

In 1 Peter 4 v 7, Peter actually tells us to be SERIOUS and DISCIPLINED IN PRAYERS.

Phew. I will let you grab various Bible versions AND your dictionary on this one.

Are you LED by your emotions in prayers, meaning that the day you feel like, you turn up, the day you don’t, you leave it off? In fact, let’s even talk about DISCIPLINE in your overall life. Are you DISCIPLINED with your life?
Cos the beauty of discipline is that its application can be parallel.

Let me quickly move on, cos I already am about to start a WHOLE sermon on this.

Finally, are you STRATEGIC in prayers?

Ephesians 6 v 11 VERY CLEARLY tells us that satan HAS A STRATEGY.

His attacks on your life are ANYTHING BUT RANDOM!!! 

His blows are well-timed, well-aimed, and well-fortified. For instance, satan KNOWS he can really not tempt me with FOOD, cos I can FAST FOR A WHOLE YEAR if he tries me, BUT OFFENCE? Haaaaaa, he KNOWS that can be bait for me, so he brings up little little irritations that can make me offended and boom, I am in his trap. And because I am NOT ignorant of his schemes and strategies, I have my own strategies so that I can WIN.

So Queen, are you STRATEGIC?
Or are you RANDOM, CASUAL and unintentional?

Newsflash: That can NOT WORK

Ok so let us wait for the full blog post on this. I just wanted to HINT at something here.

If you are a WIFE, I am opening up application in a BRAND NEW mentoring academy I would be running for us all to SCHOOL US IN P.P.D.S PRAYERS in SIX INTENSIVE WEEKS. This is different from the regular GDQ mentoring as this will focus ONLY on prayers.

I will do a WHOLE blog with details on how to apply, and while we will have 4 classes this year, I am particularly interested in wives battling MAJOR challenges in their marriages for the first set of women. So if that is you, keep your eyes close to your email and my blog https://stayhomemoms.ng So that when the post is up, you can apply,

It will MONEY-FREE but it will cost you TIME and ENERGY. I will keep the bar HIGH in that one because I KNOW what we are going against and I am tired of seeing satan look powerful in my sisters’ lives, so if you don’t have 6 intensive weeks to spare, don’t apply.

I honestly am EXCITED I get to do this. I LOVE to pray and the only thing I would LOVE more is to see ALL MY SISTERS, getting dressed for battle and steady making sure satan KNOWS we are NOT THE ONES to mess around with.

I am committed to this cause, and I cannot wait to have you on board.

Love you Queen and always praying for you.

Write back let me know how this post hit you, and which of the four really resonated with you. I LOVE reading emails from you.

God’s WILD Domestic Queen

End of Mail

Here is the link.

Wild Warring Wives Mentoring

I’ll revoke link by Monday, Noon, that’s August 10.

We kick off Sunday, August 16 with a Zoom meeting.

So act fast AND please share in DETAIL cos I’m really looking to deal with satan so the tougher the case, the more appealing it is. Don’t write like you know me oooo. I promise you confidentiality.

Don’t also write just because you want to pray more. While that’s a good thing, the vision is to help troubled marriages.

Any wife and mom can apply. I mean even a mom in waiting so far you are a wife and have a family.

Planned to do 12 ladies in 1.0 but ended with 22.

Let’s see how many we end this with.

Don’t worry though, we have two more sets lined up till the end of the year.

Dates for the rest are September 27, November 8.

Also it will be INTENSIVE sis. I won’t be playing with satan and you too won’t so we will go all out. If you are not ready to be stretched, my sister don’t bother. Cos I will drop you. Not even a problem for me to drop anyone.

Dropped 2 with the last one

We will pray. And I’m talking night time, midnight’s, early mornings and all.
We will have assignments
We will have challenges
You will read books to help
Ah, no sis, we will THROW DOWN because satan throws down too.

By the end of those 6weeks mama, you will be a well armoured and kitted WARRIOR QUEEN.


Satan will see you and pass another way.

Then tell his lil demons to tell their littler demons NOT YOU!!!

I recall when God started to literally DOWNLOAD for this God-grade prayer mentoring and I am SO READY for what He is set to do in ALL OUR LIVES.

I’m typically open and vulnerable when I mentor BUT this time, I feel Jesus calling me even deeper Haha. I’m excited to see how that goes. I’m really excited to partner with Jesus.

God is good.

So let’s do it mama.

If stuff gets too intense and hard to choose, I’ll work on a first come basis so time is of the essence

Link again is here…

Wild Warring Wives Mentoring

And share this post with your friends too.

I mean, so everyone is ready for the rest even if they miss 2.0

Let me go and work.

God is good.

Love you so much



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