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I prayyyyy we are all doing well. Hey, I am excited to introduce a NEW SEGMENT on the blog. Well, it is NOT exactly new as we have been reading reviews of Queens from the GDQ mentoring academy, but you probably KNOW that we now launched a WARRING ACADEMY with a focus on PRAYERS,

Read this post for some context 

WILD WARRING Queens Academy… Let’s WAR for our marriages

So while the GDQ focused on all round mentoring, from time management, to productivity, parenting, sex, spiritual growth, friendships and all, this WWQ, that is WILD WARRING QUEENS academy is HARDCORE focusing on only PRAYERS.

So for 6weeks, we basically BUILD THOSE SPIRITUAL MUSCLES till we look even bulkier than Yokozuna in the spirit. Trust me, these 6 weeks WERE INTENSE. I really don’t know how I even made it through

Kicked off the first one on 5th July and we are in the final week BUT my darling darling DARLING Queen Ose is ready with her feedback and I too couldn’t wait to share it with you.

We had OVER 20 Queens and honestly, I am sure the Holy Spirit LITERALLY OVERSHADOWED me. I cannot tell how I managed to SHOW UP every single day and we had the BEST PRAYER AND SPIRITUAL WARFARE BOOTCAMP ever.

They will all be reviewing on the blog, some anonymous due to sensitive info and others not.

Either ways, we are ON for a WILD ride. Even I am EXCITED TO READ THEM

So here we go with Ose all the way from Canada!!! Enjoy..! And let me know what you think in the comments.


Thank you Coach E for the opportunity to review the academy. What a ride it has been. I see the woman I used to be 6 weeks ago at a very far distance. The transformation has been just awesome.

Getting into the Academy was a miracle in and of itself because I didn’t have much of a story to tell, maritally, and I can see that this won’t be acceptable in the next batch, so I can say I’m one of a kind.

I remember the post CoachE made about this group, when she said the Lord asked her to teach his daughters to pray, and warned her that it would cost her. CoachE, you did it!


When I first began, it felt like a bit of a whirlwind ride, so many assignments to do, prayer meetings to meet up with. I felt stretched and was greatly encouraged when CoachE’ said she was stretched too. But as the weeks went on, I can’t even pinpoint when it happened, but I realized that my body had adapted to the schedule.

I also had daily church prayer meetings, personal prayers, my own devotional and bible study, daily prayers with my husband, weekly prayers with my prayer partner. I find that I’m mostly in prayer these days and that’s just fine by me.


Oh, this one! I had learned a lot from CoachE’s blogs on how to pray the word and craft my prayers from the Word, but it’s nothing like being in prayer sessions with her. I found myself developing a rich prayer vocabulary, based on the Word, of course.

A prayer I learned from her and took into my own life is, “Lord help me to pray prayers that hit the mark”. I don’t want to pray in such a powerless way that doesn’t even make the devil twitch, but I want to pray prayers that make such an impact spiritually.

I got so many resources to pray with, like “the prayers for children book”, and “The Power Of A Praying Wife”, and of course many verses from the bible. The Lord connected me with a prayer partner this period, and I would definitely not say it is coincidental.

She called me to pray with her about something, I mean we’ve been friends for at least 2 years and have prayed on and off about certain situations. But after that prayer session, we mutually decided to start praying together every Friday, and this was answered prayers for her and myself.

During one of the meetings, CoachE told us to set aside a special time to meet with the Lord and in fact to ask the Lord to legislate our prayer time. Before then, I had struggled with praying consistently because I didn’t have a fixed prayer time.

As she said it, I immediately asked the Lord quietly, “Lord when do you want to meet with me?” The answer came so fast, I was stunned! I’ve been praying at that hour since then, and I do my best to honor it because I know the Lord called to meet with me at that time, so He is listening to every word I say.

I watched CoachE’ come into prayer meetings many times exhausted, yawning, sometimes after only 2 hours of night sleep, but absolutely ready to do battle with us.

I appreciate what would now amount to hours of prayers with and for us. I have learned to keep my prayer appointments, NO MATTER WHAT! I learned to rely on the strength of the Spirit, because I have no strength when it comes to this, so I lean on Him for strength.

I learned to praise the Lord richly and lavishly when celebrating a victory, to throw a praise party, not just a casual thank you Lord. I’ve learned to be intentional with my praise as well. 

I began to pray with my husband during this period as well, and we have incorporated it into our daily musts. We pray every day together, and we’ve seen miracles happen that we can directly attribute to these times of prayer. We’ve also grown so close and are so comfortable being vulnerable with each other. After all, the family that prays together, stays together, lol. No joke there.


The goal of this Academy was to learn to look away from all that distracts unto Jesus. Frankly, I do not know when this began to happen. In the first few weeks, the devil came along with a distraction, and I found myself facing him squarely, unlike before when I would have faced off with my spouse. That event opened my eyes to what it means to look away. Since that time, it feels like my tolerance level has improved, I even heard the Spirit say to me on one occasion, don’t make a big deal out of this, and I promptly forgot about the incident. I didn’t keep mulling over it like I would have previously done. I am in a place where I know what is important and I’m focusing on that.

Consistency is a superpower! If I didn’t learn anything these past weeks, I took this away with me. If there is no consistency in what I do, it would not achieve what it needs to. I heard testimonies of real life women who have held on in faith for years concerning certain things, and God honored their faith.

One of the most beautiful things that God does in that place of waiting, faith and prayer is that He begins a change in you that is incomparable to anything else.

In that place of consistency, you are built as a weapon of war, a warrior. Certain things drop off your life, and you imbibe the perfect character of the Spirit. Then, you begin to see as God sees, He lifts your vision, then its game over! In CoachE’s words, “if I allow the change God wants to happen within me, the battle is as good as won”

I learned to draw up a prayer schedule and when I did, I was amazed at how much I actually had to pray about. My prayer life has been enriched greatly. I have indeed grown. I could feel tired, but I must never give up! I just take advantage of grace.

When the devil comes guns blazing, I can’t sit there wringing my hands and crying. A soldier who gets to the battlefield and begins to cry will definitely be the first to get taken out. I have learned to deploy my weapons in such a powerful way that the devil now gives me a wide berth. Yes, I said it devil, throw your best shot!


Being in a group of women with the same vision to cause changes and fight the right way was simply exhilarating. Just listening to other women, hearing how the Word has brought changes in their lives seeing their hunger, fighting alongside with them, was such a beautiful experience that I hold dear.

I also now realize the essence of having a praying community. I got introduced to the Wild women Community through this Academy. Now I understand what it means to be in a fired up community.

Now I understand what friendships are meant for. They are first for upholding each other in the Word and prayers, before anything else.


I want to encourage any woman who gets into the next academy to use this opportunity of a lifetime to build spiritual muscles that will hold up under any kind of pressure. And don’t be surprised when you get conscripted into the army the Lord is building, because He certainly makes no foolish investments.!!!


This academy will run at different times and if you read the post above, you will see the dates for the next, so if this is for you, you can apply for 3.0 and later ones. 2.0 application is already closed.

Also note that this is not just an academy for those wives who want to PRAY BETTER. No, sis. You can join the WILD WOMEN and the WILD WIVES for that.

Whatsapp link for the wild wives

Just follow this link above and you would be able to join a MUTE whatsapp group where I send the prayers and Zoom link for our Sunday weekly prayers. 

And if you are interested in joining the more active and engaging WILD WOMEN, keep an eye on eziaha.com for those details, but you can read this post for some context


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