My kids and I (Eziaha) co-authored The Wellness Champions book

It’s no longer news that we are in the middle of a HEALTH CRISIS. WHO, Centre for Disease Control, UNICEF are all screaming. What’s causing the health crisis? Heavy consumption of junk and processed foods. Children are in no way exempted. You only need to visit the hospitals to see children suffering from diet related illnesses that could have been avoided.

What’s the solution? A radical change in the diet and lifestyle of our children. It’s time to Save Our Children from the junk pandemic and raise WELLNESS CHAMPIONS

My two boys and I, KingDaveed and ElJohn wrote the Wellness Champions book to equip parents and children with practical and pragmatic tools to help them make diet and lifestyle changes their future selves will surely be grateful for.

Join us on Saturday 29th June 2024 for SAVE OUR CHILDREN, A Global Wellness Revival and the launch of The Wellness Champions book. You can attend this event in person or virtually for N10,000. In person attendees will be given the hardcopy of the book while virtual attendees will have access to the soft copy. Register HERE

Get all the yummy details of this Wellness Revival and our lineup of brilliant speakers like Pediatric Doctor, Dietician, Pediatric Nutritionist, Wellness Moms, and much more from this site

See you there!

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