Dear mom, have you seen the SAVE OUR CHILDREN DOCUMENTARY?

I was reading in Isaiah 49 which is a daily confession of mine. That day, the Holy Spirit took a define highlighter and said and I’ll save your children’ Isaiah 49:25b and I was wowed! So if the Lord says I’ll save your children, you don’t want to be the one jeopardizing the health of your children.

There’s a HEALTH CRISIS and a GLOBAL JUNK PANDEMIC. Childhood obesity, Kidney and Liver problem, Type 2 diabetes e.t.c are all problems globally. Every international body is talking about it. Center for disease control, WHO, UNICEF the entire UNTIED NATIONS. We delved into a lot of statistics in the SAVE OUR CHILDREN DOCUMENTARY and judging by statistics, it’s not looking nice at all. In the documentary, we talked about the impact of diet on the overall well being of children and the way forward. Watch full the documentary here.

With every meal we are either taking life from or giving life to our children. I am sure you’ll love to listen to Onyinye who reversed autism for her child with food. That’s how powerful food is. Her story is truly inspiring. And yes, she’ll be LIVE at the SAVE OUR CHILDREN GLOBAL WELLNESS REVIVAL.

It’s important that we are resolute about raising Wellness Champions. And of course I am excited about the SAVE OUR CHILDREN GLOBAL WELLNESS REVIVAL which is also the book launch of WELLNESS CHAMPIONS book. It’ll happen LIVE on Saturday, June 29 at MUSON CENTER LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA. Register here for 10,000 to attend ONLINE or ONSITE.

I’d really love you to pray for me in this season. Please use this link to access my prayer playbook. Thank you mama and talk to you next time.

Your sister,


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