God’s WARRING Queen Omowunmi shares her WWQ journey

Words fail me to express how grateful I am to God for the privilege to be a part of the Wild Warring Queen1.0. It came at the time my entire life needed it.

I was going through some sort of overwhelm and I sensed that there was an onslaught against the spiritual atmosphere of my home.

I needed to fight but didn’t know where to began, I needed to war but was too tired to put on my armour and then GWQ1.0 came, I was reluctant initially but a hand pushed me to press the submit button and I submitted the application. Surprisingly, I got enlisted into the army and the whole journey began.

The entire six weeks has been mind blowing, from fire to fire, from glory to glory. My whole life is literally lit. Haaaa! This God, He has set me on fire and I’m not going back!

Me that will sleep all through the night and still wake up feeling so tired now wakes up to pray, even lead others in prayers and still feel energised to go through the day.

I have gotten more depth, more insight and I know my life will never recover from this transformative encounters.

I’m literally floating with joy, I can’t contain it. I have learnt STRATEGIES that will help me fight and combat the devil and his cohort. I have learnt the act of warring strategically, the act of intentionality. Yea, the power of confessions nko? My children now have a two paged confession written out for them.

Through the GWQ1.0, I have met firelighters sisters, women who are on fire for the journey of their lives and the race of their destinies.

I used to blame my husband for the spiritual atmosphere in my home, holding him responsible for not rising to the task of leading his home the way he should.

I had so much expectations and I always feel disappointed when he is not meeting up, he is the leader and the priest he ought to lead the devotion, he ought to do this, he ought to do that but now, no more, I’m not waiting for the devil to take advantage, I will war until everyone comes to the full manifestation of the power of God, I do not have a home for Satan! No! Not on my watch.

I learnt to use the Youversion Bible through this platform. Funny enough, I had subscribed to it since three years ago and I never visited it again. Chai! Satan you are a fool, how I shortchanged myself of the wealth of knowledge in the Youversion. Haa! The devotionals are so loaded, the multiple versions of scriptures etc. Queen E helped me to see Psalm 23 from another dimension just yesterday.

I’m so coming back for 2.0. I can’t stop drinking from this well, I just can’t stop feeding from this platform. The teachings during the prayer meetings are priceless, the assignments, the reviews, the feedbacks, Haa! How did you manage to put all these together Queen E? My conclusion is, it could all have been God that works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

Thank you Queen Eziaha for letting God use you. I’m amazed at your strength, commitment and devotion to what you do, sometimes when I don’t feel like showing up and I remember Queen E, I tell myself if she can do it, then I receive the grace to show up. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I’m indeed grateful to God for letting my path cross yours.

God bless you Queen EZIAHA, may you continue to find relevance, may your gifts and callings continue to find platforms for expression.

To say I love you is an understatement. I LOVE YOU.


The GWQ academy runs at different times and if you read the post below, you will see the dates for the next, so if this is for you, you can apply for 3.0 and later ones. 2.0 application is already closed.

WILD WARRING Queens Academy… Let’s WAR for our marriages

Also note that this is not just an academy for those wives who want to PRAY BETTER. No, sis. You can join the WILD WOMEN and the WILD WIVES for that.

Whatsapp link for the wild wives

Just follow this link above and you would be able to join a MUTE whatsapp group where I send the prayers and Zoom link for our Sunday weekly prayers. 

And if you are interested in joining the more active and engaging WILD WOMEN, keep an eye on eziaha.com for those details, but you can read this post for some context



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