Desire to Pray more? Four tips to help

Hey GDQs,

Issa throwback post today, all the way from August 2020. I hope it blesses you and more importantly helps to keep your prayer altar burning F.I.R.E!

It has been a WILD ride the past couple of weeks. I have not been here on the blog, or in your inbox as frequently.

But I have not stopped dishing out content oooo, or being on my Jesus assignments for that matter.

It really is an encouragement to please be a woman of prayers. I know I say that all the time, and I sense that some of us are PRAYER WARY and WEARY

You feel like you have been praying since and nothing to show for it, so you don’t even want anyone to come to you on prayers again.

Gosh, Satan is not even playing with us per marriages, so I can get the intensity and PAIN of the fire. However, I like to chase down that rabbit a bit and ask the wife how she is engaging in battle.

Most times, all that hits me is weak, inconsistent, powerless, lazy prayers.

Hardly anything that can even move satan a little not to talk of knocking him out.

I believe that is why God is raising some of His daughters up for such a time as this, to lead His daughters to a powerful, consistent, disciplined lifestyle of prayers.

Almost everyone who comes into the GWQ prayer academy realizes just how much they have BEEN PLAYING but thought they were praying.

Which is why I encourage them to share their experiences. So that others who used to be like them can adjust too.

So with this post, I want to share a few tips to help you stay on your prayer watch. These tips have helped me and a lot of other women so I pray they help you too

This would really be in no particular order

1. Get a partner

Both for prayer and accountability.

A lot of times, we may not be that DISCIPLINED to go at it alone, but when we have to turn up with another person, we are more likely to keep our appointment.

There are many times I have been too tired to turn up to pray but when I know that I have a partner or 2, I turn up with my tired tail

2. Be in community

Gosh, this one is so key. The WILD WOMEN for example is such a prayer movement and I really cannot even imagine just how much damage we are jointly doing to the Kingdom of darkness as 100s of us come together about 3 times a week to pray, and also other times to study the Word.


(Sorry this application is closed for now)

This would especially help if you are still growing in the faith and are not very adept at using the Word to pray and even persist beyond 10minutes in prayers. In the wild women, our prayers are from 1hr 15mins to 2hours weekly.

The WILD women is closed for now just as we find some stability with the leadership and the growing number of us, but I know there are many other ministry gifts who have and lead groups like this where prayers are a lifestyle. If you know and can recommend any, please drop a line in the comments.

3. Habit-stack it

I especially love this and I would like to use HALAK PALAL to explain this.

Halak Palal, the BIGGEST VIRTUAL Fitness & Prayer walk

I love how we can habit stack two things at the same time and have a planned day for it.

We walk

We pray

On Sundays for one hour

#JesusGirls share their Halak-Palal experience

And we are not alone. We are doing this with a group of women so we really feel connected.

Burning Calories, Burning Hearts: #JesusGirls share their #HalakPalal Experiences

This can even be a daily thing. Decide that you would take an exercise walk, but instead of just looking around, you make it one of prayer.

If you have a ton of housework daily, then you can also habit stack maybe washing the toilets or ironing with prayers. If you are a nursing mom, every night you wake to nurse can be a time of prayer.

I have even had seasons of saying every time I go to use the toilet, I would use it to pray for a specific thing, instead of just scrolling endlessly on the phone.

Has to be a habit you do daily or more than once a day, so once that activity starts, it passes a message to your brain that it is time to pray.

Takes some discipline and mind training, but it can be done.

4. Have a Prayer timetable

You have a food timetable, work timetable and all. Why not a prayer timetable. To keep the story short, I am going to share my own prayer time table with you and I hope it teaches you in a very practical way how to create yours.

This just means you don’t miss out on anything, and you also stay disciplined.

Of course you can update this from time to time, adding and deleting as need be,

Also stay flexible incase the Lord is calling you to another prayer direction different than the one on the plan that day. What I have learned is that God MOST LIKELY is raising an intercessor or team of intercessors to cover you for that day, while you do the other thing He wants you to do.

So have a timetable but be flexible as the Spirit leads. And be sure you flexibility is not indiscipline

That’s all I wanna share in this post. Of course, there are more, especially when it comes to the Word study and prayers. Maybe I would do a follow up post. But this is enough to get you on the beautiful habit of a persistent, powerful and disciplined prayer life

I hope you join one of the groups I mentioned above

Love you and always praying for you



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