Praying for your Kids WITH your kids.

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Bringing back this post from 2019 and I trust they are gems here for my GDQs to glean from. Enjoy!

So today, I wanna share something we can all easily incorporate into our mommy life which can really make a HUGE difference in our lives AND the lives of our kids.

This week, the Lord got me on a schedule…

Three things I must do daily with my kids…

1. Do homework (I HATE homework so this is a real TEST TRIAL and TEMPTAION for me)

2. Read a book with them

3. Share my prayers and then pray with them

I of course have a sheet to track my progress haha

I know He did this because slowly, I realized a few things were beginning to eat into my quality family time so this would help me align again.

The first 2 are pretty straight forward

The third is my focus

So I am typically the ‘pray about everything’ kind of mom, so on Monday, I just had quite a full mind per stuff I needed to pray about for my kids, so I decided I would write it down instead and stick it on their wall. Let me share the points and why…

1. KingDaveed will stop picking his legs. Not sure how he picked the habit but I trust God that He will drop it. He picks under his feet until blood comes. The entire sole is rough and all. I have flogged, threatened, poured spirit yet he still finds himself picking it. Now it is prayer time.

2. His skin is very dry to the point of being scaly. It really makes me sad when I see it… rough all over. We have even been referred to a dermatologist. So even with our treatment, I have added prayers. I actually also speak over his bath water that like Naaman had a testimony of clear skin from dipping in the river, that is his portion

3. That my kids relate well with my help. So my new help came in guns blazing. She doesn’t know that kids are what they are… KIDS. Somehow she expected responsible quiet kids so she would shout, pull, use words like you are very stubborn and all. So of course she repelled them, Oh you can bet that I have handled my help but in that short time, her impression on them was not good so they don’t let her do a lot for them, inadvertently making me do things she should do. So in addition to talking to them and her, and finding ways they can interact more in play, I also pray.

4. That KingDaveed wakes at night and goes to pee by himself. Unless I wake him for now, he pees on the bed, He is FOUR and this is painful. It is even a part of his night confession, so it is also a prayer point (and yes, I reduce water intake from 6 but sometimes he gets some more somehow. I have to wake him twice at night if not he will pee. So now it is a prayer point, that angels wake him and he jumps up and goes to the toilet.

5. That ElJohn sleeps through the night. He typically wakes and comes to our room, and then we have to take him back when he sleeps. This is not incessant but I don’t want at all.

6. That ElJohn lets us do his homework for him. He is so independent and does not want you to hold his hand when he has to write. Plus he is a lefty so imagine the struggle. Phew.

7. That there is no spirit of destruction or anger in my kids. It is one thing to be very active as boys and let all the testosterone find expression, but when I am spending money fixing things or important things are breaking, that one has left clap and entered dance. And then sometimes I see a level of anger that surprises me, abeg o.

8. ElJohn agreeing to use his potty. Like the dude is aware of when he needs to pee and poo but always fights away from the potty. Abeg I don’t have power so prayers up

If need be, I will add as the days go and as Jesus answers I cancel

So I typically call them and say this is what mummy is praying for you about

Then I list it all out and carry them along as I explain and quote scriptures

Then I end by saying that whatever I agree on as I pray for them in Jesus name is done.

That is building such a prayer culture in them because as each gets answered, I make a fuzz of it and they see we serve a prayer answering God

Soon it is them that will be bringing me the prayer points sef

So I shared in details to give you something to work through

Cheers to being an intentional mama full of prayers, in Jesus name, AMEN



God’s Domestic Queen

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