#Feedback Friday….Nancy shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha.

Hello God’s Domestic Queen,

Yeeeeeeh…it’s another Friday, where we get to hear from another Domestic Queen whom I was privileged to mentor, please meet my sister and friend Nancy Onyeukwu as she shares her mentoring journey in this blog post.

I saw the invitation for the SAHM mentoring program at a time when I desperately needed goodly counsel. It was indeed an answer to my secret prayer.

I had stopped working to take care of my baby and was ashamed to tell people that. I had just started to give my baby solids and was confused about how to manage my day and my baby. 24 hours was insufficient for me despite the fact that I wasn’t even doing anything productive with time.

My baby was my greatest excuse not to do life well. I poured out my heart to Eziaha in my request and boom I was selected. It really looked surreal. The program started with me seeing my future staring angrily at me. Kai it wasn’t easy in the beginning because some days I just felt like I had been jammed by an old trailer.

My take aways during the program were:

1. I learnt how to pray with a strategy and schedule plus using a timer too.

2. I learnt that the devil I was toying with does not joke in carrying out his ugly job.

3. I learnt to have a daily must.

4. I learnt that my marriage was given to me by God to bless me and not to stop or limit me.

5. I realized that this SAHM party is a move and I hope to pour what Eziaha gave us to someone else soon. I am not a perfect mom or wife yet but I am now intentional and ready to get better daily.

Thank u Coach E!

Please share and give your comments. Till I come again with another DQ next Friday.



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