#Feedback Friday….Tosin shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha.

Hello GDQ,

Here is another feedback today, we get to hear feedback from one of our Domestic Queen again whom I was privileged to mentor of recent, please meet my sister and friend Tosin Oladele as she shares her mentoring journey in this blog post. 

Wow!!! I can’t believe its 6weeks already. So, before l got in contact with coach Eziaha, l used to doubt myself a lot about my relationship with God, my prayer life, my confidence level was low.

I was already giving up on myself. At some point l felt like l don’t know who I REALLY AM. I didn’t have understanding of seasons in my life, didn’t believe in confessions let alone prayer schedule.

Fast forward……

I applied for the GDQ’s mentoring program with Eziaha and gbam!! I was shortlisted. You know what that email (Babes you are in!) Sent to me did? I felt relieved of the burden have been carrying for a longgggggggg time; that this is actually a answered prayer.

I didn’t know the details of the program but one thing was sure for me; this is the beginning of the best version of me.

Eziaha was really down to earth with us during my time with the group. I learnt about how sensitive our seasons are. Each season of our lives God uses to train us, get us closer to him and he expects us to pass the test before we can move to the next season.

God actually designs each season for us to be taught by our teachers. So we have 10,000+ teachers to learn from who had gone through that season we are in. All we need is to be sensitive to the Holy spirit so we can identify them. This was a eye opener for me.

Prayer schedule:
Before Eziaha taught us through this, I used to pray without direction and I realized that I repeat the same prayer point every now and then till prayer became boring to me. Now, thank God for prayer schedule. I now have a deeper understanding of what my prayer life should entail and the importance of praying according to the scriptures.

My prayer life is no more self centred and it’s now more intentional about everything and anything that needs a change in my environment and using the word of God as my source.

This was another level of reality for me. Now I have a better understanding of confessions according to the word of God and to see the result of my confessions.

Daily schedule:
My daily schedule has helped me to be more productive, intentional and even more strategic with my daily activities. No more sleeping away my time.

Eziaha’s life coaching has been a blessing to me. This opportunity given me has really straightened my purpose. I am more intentional about my life, marriage, etc.

The platform has really opened my eyes to see that there’s more to life as being a GDQ. It is a season in my life l have to embrace to be the best God has called me to be.

I love you Eziaha!!! Thank you for being you.
Tosin Oladele

Thank you for reading, hope you learnt a lesson as a GDQ, kindly share and I will be glad yo read your comments.


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