Join my TEAM and WORK FROM HOME (Yes, we are hiring GDQs)

Update; This position is filled.

Update : I have added a few more information to this post based on questions and feedback. Due to volume, ONLY shortlisted candidates WILL be contacted. Thank you.

Hey Queens,

I hope we are all well and keeping safe at home.

I come bearing good good news

So I am looking to bring a Queen into our CSL Family. That is CoachE’Squad Ltd.

Let’s call the role ONLINE CONTENT QUEEN, OCQ for short  

Basically, the OCQ will handle the content on our blogs, newsletter and whatsapp status.

I will provide the content, you will handle publishing, posting and all that

Work hours are determined by you and work is proxy. I just have a work flow and content calendar that you follow and must deliver on. This means that you can work from anywhere at home. All you need is a phone and laptop.

This is a PAID role with other benefits beyond money, so I will be expecting your A-Game

Competencies the OCQ role requires

Growing Knowledge/Personal interest and convictions on fitness

Basic knowledge of Microsoft word and Excel

Basic and Growing knowledge of Mailchimp, WordPress, Whatsapp, Inshot, and Canva

Mailchimp is where we send emails out from

WordPress is where our blogs get published

Whatsapp is a platform we use to connect with our squaddies and whatsapp family

Inshot is a picture and video app to resize and edit images and videos

Canva is a beginner’s app to create basic fliers

Honestly, you can learn these but you would need to be a real fast learner as we just have a week for orientation and then it is show time

Employment is immediate after video interviews

If you need any more information, send me an email at and copy

Applications come to this email too. Due to volume, ONLY shortlisted candidates WILL be contacted.

I will take down this blog when we find a perfect fit.

Please share this link with anyone who would fit this…



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