G.D.W.Q… God’s Domestic Warrior Queen


It looks like since I turned 33, I have been FIGHTING!!! And I can’t say I wasn’t warned by Jesus. I mean, He sent a whole daughter of His to my house and for over 11mins was prophesying in tongues AND interpreting it. Thank goodness someone recorded it for me.

I mean, when you turn 30, it is like honeymoon. Things are AMAZING but when you turn 33, you literally start to DIE!!! Lol. All I am saying is go from 32 to 34.

Again, can’t say I wasn’t warned. He sure did warn your girl.

Ok so let me share the past couple days with yawl, and this is really to let you know that you are not alone in your struggles AND you can FIGHT TO WIN!!!

First, with work. There is SO MUCH going on at work and let me tell you, it is SO HARD!!! The things God is demanding of me especially as regards 2020? Phew. And the crazy part is because I am prophetic over my own life (we all are, but most of us don’t tap into it), I can’t even say I didn’t hear God. And once you hear, you can’t be in disobedience. So I am working through some MASSIVE shaking AND changes, and then I have also made some poor decisions especially with hiring AND they have all come back to haunt my whole life!!! Now with all that work shaking, last Friday, my help says she wants to leave. Bad timing girl, bad timing!!! I need stability at home AT LEAST. Of course I didn’t tell her that. We just started to plan her leaving by Sunday. Had paid for my team and I a digital marketing training that I REALLY needed that coming week, and so imagine how FRANTIC I was trying to find someone to manage the domestic front. No show. Training canceled for me, and my team by extension as they were to go and return with me. Thankfully, they had a weekend option so I opted for it in the stead.

Monday meets me alone with my kids and it was CRAZY. First, I am up at midnight, quick prayer meeting for an hour with a few married friends, personal prayers till 2 and then worked until 6.30am when I had to go for a run. Came home, did all the kinds morning runs (MIL is around) and then settled into work, if I can call it that. Next thing, another shaking. More like a shattering. I call hubby and tell him what’s up and he is like OK, now you KNOW you have to really sit up.

Of course in the middle of it all are my screaming hyper kids.

The same day, NEPA decides they won’t bring light and next thing I am out of water, then inverter finally goes out.

Agent who was to bring a replacement since Sunday has daily stories.

Phew, somehow between my kids and work, I manage to find a balance.

I kept telling myself that I was in a battle so just chin up girl. I was even doing this super awesome devotional on YouVersion called WARRIOR and reminding myself who I am.

Find it on YouVersion Bible App. Link is https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/12120

By 7.30, hubby who should be home is not home and I already had the kids ready for bed. Next thing he calls me and the first thing he says is ‘Babe there is a problem…’ and proceeds to share. I must have stopped breathing for a while. But I didn’t stop thanking God. When we got off the phone, I reminded satan that he is messing with the wrong one.

I got out my home confessions and my anointing oil, and went round my home anointing it and praying in tongues. Oh, did I mention that suddenly, my first son starts running temperature and my second son’s nose starts running literally from nowhere?

I’m like ‘wrong target satan’!!!

I send the kids to sleep and just keep praying. Finally hubby comes home and after I hear more details, I pray over him, round up domestic work and go to bed. Still no light, no inverter and nobody cared for gen as the weather was cool anyways.

My son coughed ALL through the night. Gosh I was so mad. Finally got up and just straight up prayed in tongues for a long time while anointing everyone. Thankfully, the Lord had given me a word which I kept covering all my family with. I recognized satan. I knew he pours when it rains. It is when you are fighting that he now brings plenty small small and big big additional wahala so I was determined that no matter his best efforts, I would maintain warrior stance.

And I did.

And I still am.

Hubby couldn’t go to work as he had to sort stuff out, so once again I prayed over him, the kids and then he left.

Oh btw, I never fight alone. I shared with four or five friends and I KNEW then got to praying immediately for my family. Thankful for comrades.

Then I entered mommy and work mode, doing the best I can do with both.

Is it tough? Hell yes!!! I wish I could just crawl under somewhere but what good will that do anyone? Why would it be me satan would choose to shine on her account for? He will now be looking like he has powers because Eziaha gave up. Nope, I hate him too much to see him gloat, especially not on my account.

In fact, I know he will still keep trying but I am ready.

I am staying battle ready until these all blow over one by one and even then, I don’t intend to let up.

Thankfully, light has come back and so has water. My son’s body temperature has gone down but the catarrh is still on its way out. There are certain gaps right now but God has told me that I should always do my best and leave the gaps/margin for Him without worrying.

Now that is TRUST on another level but do I even have a choice. I have to trust Him. Nothing else has any hope attached to it anyways.

Girl, if you are bang in the middle of a battle, I feel you too. If I gave details of some of the stuff I mentioned here you would know just how serious stuff is but frankly, I have my Bible, the name of Jesus, anointing, communion and prayers. Victory is SUPER ASSURED I just have to hold on till the very end.

I pray you do too. I wrote this article just for you and I hope you don’t give up sis!!!

Sending you strength and light for your battles. You are after all G.D.W.Q… God’s domestic warrior Queen.



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