Graceful Mommy or Grouchful Mommy

Hey GDQ,

First, I am SO EXCITED mama!!!

The very first GDQ mentoring is OPEN and we kick off this week. I always LOVE LOVE LOVE to mentor Stay at home moms because the joy that comes from seeing lives change without circumstances change is a WHOLE MOOD!!!

Like someone said, the someone being my Faith who is my NINJA when it comes to managing the online content of GDQ community,
Being in Europe is not like a spiritual environment but I have enjoyed my spiritual life MORE here than when I was in Nigeria, and that as a result of our mentoring.
Feels so good to partner with God to mentor HIS Domestic Queens.

So, how are you doing today?

I sincerely pray that you are fighting your battles and winning every single day. Before the situation even changes, I need you to CHANGE so that you are well positioned to FIGHT BETTER!!!
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I share candidly cos I need you to know that I am NOT perfect ooo, but in fighting my battles, you best believe that EVERY SINGLE DAY, I WILL SHOW UP and whoop devil butt!!!
And I pray you do too.

Ok so today, I will keep it short. I wanna share something I picked up from reading THE CONFIDENT WOMEN by my Gmama Joyce Meyer

Gosh, I RECOMMEND that book with my chest. Please if you can, buy it AND READ IT.

Ok so she shared a story on a mom who was super busy making all sorts of treats to entertain her guests that day. She baked a pie and somehow as she was moving it to the table, it fell on the floor and smashed.

Of course, everyone was ready for grouchy mommy from the world of Cruella to emerge seeing that all her efforts had fallen to the floor, but instead, the mama did something that the daughter, years later and now a mom herself has NEVER forgotten as the right way to parent.

She got spoons and told everyone to sit on the floor and let them all enjoy the pie from the floor together.

Come on and HALLELUJAH!!!

I can categorically tell you that even dirty shoes on my not exactly sparkling floor CAN upset me, so don’t even tell me that I bake a WHOLE pie and it smashes to the floor, yet I call a floor pie party.



But really, that mom laid an example for her kids which they never ever forgot.
She could have been grouchy mom at that time, and it would have been well deserved, but nah nah nah, she chose to always remain GRACIOUS, first to herself, and then next inviting her kids to that GRACE party.

That is the kinda mom I wanna be, Walahi
I don’t wanna be the one who is always grouchy when things go wrong.

I want my kids to be JOYFUL around me and constantly excited that mommy is around, not walking on egg shells and physically recoiling when a plate breaks or so.

That is not to say I stay boundaries-free, nah
I discipline when I need to discipline, but when mistakes happen, haba, I can call a floor pie party.

Really we can ENJOY parenting and have fun all the way, while steeping the entire process in prayers…

Prayers of grace, strength and JOY because really, JOY is a weapon so fight to keep yours.

Father, I pray that a spirit of JOY that is inexplicable envelops every GDQ reading this. I pray that no matter the reality of our situation at home, we choose GRACE over GROUCH

We enjoy our children, our children enjoy us and together, we rock out our season and lives at home, bringing glory to your name alone, in Jesus name, AMEN.

Hugs and Love

GDQ Eziaha

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