#Feedback Friday….Leela shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha.

Hello GDQ,

Yeeeeeeh…it’s another Feedback Friday, today, we get to hear feedback from one of our Domestic Queen whom I was privileged to mentor of recent, please meet my sister and friend Leela French as she shares her mentoring journey in this blog post. 

My name is Leela French.

When I joined the program, some of the major challenges I had were time management, productivity and basically setting structures in my physical and spiritual life.

God was very intentional about me being in that program because this were like 80% of the focus.

So over the period of the 6weeks I was able to go from just taking the day as it comes to intentionally planning my day and allocating a time to each task, which helped in ensuring the smooth operation of my day.

I was also able to curb laziness and get to work.

I also got to know the importance of having a prayer schedule and having a scripture based confession not just any confession.

Basically it was an amazing 6weeks, I also got to meet new people.

So now I’m very intentional about all I do and my timings are not left anyhow. Also got wisdom on handling my husband and daughter both physically and spiritually.

Thank you mama E

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