Damilola shares her Mentoring Journey with Eziaha

My name is Damilola Akingbola.

Before the mentorship program, I had been following Coach E for about a year and in that one year God has used her mightily for me and I have learned a WHOLE lot.

It was only logical that I apply for the program because I could imagine what I would learn by having close association with her, I was super excited when to have been selected.

And I can confidently say that I got way more than I expected from the mentorship program! It was one of the most A-mazing 6 weeks of my life!

I have always been a somewhat organized person; and daily schedules has always been my thing. I realized however that I did them offhandedly, without deep meaning.

During the mentorship program, daily schedule, prayer schedule, daily musts had a whole new meaning to me and I began to see tangible results — productive days and an excited spirit knowing that I got things covered on the home front.

CoachE’ was so real, she didn’t hold back in sharing with us– and that made me realise that her life seem so perfect because she puts in so much effort/ intentionality behind the scenes. God bless you real good, coach!

The session has taught me to be intentional and commited to doing the WORK in my home; it has showed me how not to take things casual even as a SAHM, how to treat things on my home like a project with defined milestone and goals.

Writing out my Bible-based confession was one of my major highlight and I feel pumped up and ready to smash the devil after reading it daily! It has brought a whole new joy to my life! I have also learnt to maximize my fringe moments and get the best of every hour.

Another major highlight was learning that ignorance is never an excuse; that I literally have 10,000 teachers on almost every area of life that I need insights from! That all I need to do is to prayerfully search them out.

We had something like a mentorship 101 class and I learnt so much about nurturing relationships with mentors with practical tips that I have never seen in a book! It was a such a 360 degree class and I feel brand NEW after this 6weeks.

I also like that we get to have accountability partners after the 6 weeks to keep us grounded. I absolutely love my two accountability partners and I have been having a good time doing Bible plans with them.

I learned so much this past weeks that I can’t even put to words; thank you so much Coach for being a representative of God here on earth. Your inspire and challenge me to be the best version of myself daily!

God bless you mama


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