Where need be, Respectfully Disagree.

When a Family member, that has always respected you before this “awful” phase of your life started, does one little thing or says one wrong word, you’re triggered! You run again into this shell of regret, self-pity and misery you’ve created for yourself.

You read those statuses, it seems like the devil himself set them up at this strategic time. Each motivational quote you scroll through keeps speaking as against this season of yours (watch the video on High Quality Leisure for nuggets on productivity in your leisure time).

To make matters worse, that personality that you respect absent-mindedly or innocently mention something that kinda resonates where you are at the moment -or you interpreted what was said as just being against your present season.

What do you do when you vacillate whether to go back to the white-collar atmosphere or upload your CV at the slightest ding of a Job notification?

How do you handle your in-laws and family in this season you’ve decided to sacrifice your all for?

If you ask me, I have been there and I know your pain, so I did a video to help demystify How to keep your Solid Convictions as a Stay-At-Home Mom.

Dear Queen, the battle is real, the fight is no joke. You must NOT allow the enemy steal your JOY, watch this and arm yourself with the right kind of information to keep your peace; and whatever you receive after duly following the HS, be sure to do well, with WISDOM.

Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, Which cannot be MOVED, but abides forever.

Ps. 125:1 (NKJV)

Strengthen your cords sis, be armed with your Convictions and RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE where need be.

Yours in this journey,

Queen Eziaha

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