But I am not busy… How do I make my hours FRUITFUL AT HOME?

This blogpost was first published in 2020 and is for the stay-at-home mama who knows she has the precious gift of time in her hands, wants to invest it wisely but has no idea how to. This blog will show you how to start.

Let’s get right into it.

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I did this post in April called “keeping it personal and practical” where I shared how my average day looks like.

Keeping it PERSONAL & PRACTICAL: A peek into my Priority Planner

I loved the feedback, but I especially LOVED this question Queen Gloria dropped in the comments

I especially love it because this is a challenge for me, and it made me go back and THINK!!!

Side story: There was this day, December 11, 2018 to be precise, I had the privilege of spending time with my mentor PDDK. If you KNOW me, you KNOW that I always visit my mentors with three things

1.  A Gift. 

That’s HONOR. While I have been privileged to sow in 6 and 7 FIGURES, I also had my beginnings when all I would send to Rev, for example, as a student was N500 Glo card. Even a nylon of fruits is VALID. The gift would always differ but the principle is the same… HONOR. They are gifting me their TIME and WISDOM which honestly is PRICELESS. I am a WHOLE ROBBER if I appear without a gift

2. Questionssssss.

I don’t visit any mentor casually, God forbid. I plan like I am going to make a presentation at the World Bank, with my questions listed in order of priority. In fact I think I take the gift because I am about to SQUEEZE a million virtues out of them. PDDK and Pastor M have told me how tired they are when I leave, but bless them, they ALWAYS answer my questions in every honesty, and me I have sense to handle the info with wisdom.

3. A journal.

I know some people RECORD but I can’t. Writing is my thing so I have my journal and I take notes jagajaga then I come home and arrange it all.

This particular day with PDDK, I now forgot my journal in the car in my hubby’s parking lot. Before PDDK appeared, I went to look for a 20leave note book to buy. I almost filled that book up with wisdom.


Ehen, so one of the questions I asked her, I told her to please not answer me from her current season now, but to go back a few years and answer how she handled it.

I needed the answer to speak to me where I was at the time and so she had to back track.

She smiled and said it was a good thing I said that because her answer now and back then are different, so she went back a few years and gave the right answers.

Loved it. Needed it.

So when Queen Gloria asked this, I knew I had to go back a few years and answer it.

The year is 2015.

The month is December.

Let me tell you what life looked like for me.

I had quit my job in Abuja in 2014 for pregnancy and location related reasons, joined my hubby in Bonny Island, left for Lagos in January and had my baby in March 2015, right in my parent’s home.

In June I was back in Bonny Island with my husband, a very dark and dank season for me until the movie WAR ROOM came out and I started to be transformed, in September I was back to Lagos with my 6month old, and living with my sister.

By then, your girl was almost 110kg.

My depression and frustration of leaving the career I was building had pushed me to food, TV and social media, all of them HORRIBLE DANGEROUS Leaders.

Then my weight loss started that September, joining my decision late April to get back my joy and spiritual life.

I hope you are seeing patterns here because I started answering the question from the side note above.

First, I started to get my spiritual life back…

Next, I started to get my physical life back…

I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have money (If you read this post: Your “JERUSALEM” and the gift of COVID-19, I share a bit of my story including trekking with my son because we didn’t have N50 for the bus fare to the ATM) and we didn’t even have a home, I lived with my sister with my baby BUT I had my Jesus and we were rocking out that season together

I had time… The only commitment I had was MY BLOG but I wasn’t even publishing so much.

Guess what I did with my time?

Yes, you guessed right… Lol

I invested it LIKE CRAZY into my spiritual life.

I invested it like CRAZY into motherhood.

I invested it like CRAZY into personal development, which at the time was WEIGHT LOSS

I can’t ever forget these two scenarios

1. I was praying with a few of my mentees at midnight or so when my son woke, so I recall with my Blackberry then, I took a picture of me backing him and sending to the group on whatsapp. His waking up couldn’t stop my spiritual fortification

2. My inverter then was our alternate power source. No gen. light was bad but because it was just me and my son, we could manage the inverter for LONGGGGGG. So I would come lay on the floor in the narrow corridor, right under the only source of light in the home, and with my blackberry and my spectranet Wi-Fi, I would be on the internet watching videos from Propel, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere and of course Shirer and Joyce Meyer. I was stalking events they attended, interviews they did, podcasts they featured on, closed mentoring sessions they held (I found blogs of those who attended and stalked them too lol). And this used to happen ALMOST EVERY NIGHT when the world was asleep, sometimes THROUGH THE NIGHT

I would take notes in my journal, cryyyyyyyyyy at how I have been stupid feeling frustrated lol, prayyyyyyyyyyy, danceeeee, worship, pray some more and I was doing that daily

The TV? Forget it. We had startimes as we couldn’t afford DSTV and hubby would be gone for 3months, come back, put it on and find it on the same channel he left it when he left.

You couldn’t pay me to watch TV. Social media too. No time ooo

All my time went into those 3 activities I listed above

Visits nko?

Lol. I know you would be like since I had time, I could visit my friends. Lol. Even my neighbors, they would be like we have not been seeing you (Oh we moved to our own home in December 2015, and it was N250k rent. Phew. Let me share on that in another blog because even that was a MIRACLE) and I am like, yup I am inside my home trying hard to keep up with myself.

Oh, I also recall something else

I spent so much time online so I needed data. Lucky for me, I was also on a weight loss journey so my diet was lean. I would ignore chicken and stuff so I could have extra for Spectranet. I recall I was on a 25g monthly plan that cost 7k and I had to cut out some things to afford that

My friend, one of my best friends in the whole world, Dr Valerie, God bless her, was always checking in with me. One day I was gisting her of all the things God was telling me and how I wish I even had more data as that month things were looking tight, blablabla and she asked me how much data I used in a month, then sent me 35k for the next 5months.

Can’t recall that story without crying.

Valerie is an ANGEL literally.

So my data game was ON!!!

So I have talked about my spiritual life in detail. I put time like mad into it.

Then there was weight loss.

I was not kidding when I decided I would lose weight. I researched and read like crazy. When you don’t have money, you will be creative lol. I was constantly looking up cheaper yet effective alternatives.

No gym, I would back my son and walkkkkkkkkkk.

I found videos on YouTube to do at home

I worked out MORNING and NIGHT


Fruits, veggies, salads, all cheap and my staples

I read countless stories

I took all that and threw into my journey and so I lost major weight from that October to January, even through Christmas.

It was WILD

Then I was so pumped I wanted to help ladies for free so I asked people to come on for FREE

We had 5 or so ladies, then another 5 or so, then God says START A BUSINESS.


I didn’t even THINK this would EVER happen, so I struggled with starting a business

I recall the day I did a post saying I was now going premium, I was up all night in fear, going countless times to use the toilet before I hit PUBLISH and even then I was still shaking


I had learned SO MUCH and when you are full to over flowing, girl let me tell you, YOU POUR OUT.

I desperately wanted to teach and help others get my result too, BUT God had a script I was playing out.

All the while, CSL was the goal

And he wanted me to start a fitness business that put JESUS right at the centre, so He was building my spiritual and physical life at the same time. All I had to do was be OBEDIENT

I did this post on DISTRACTIONS on Eziaha.com Check it out. It will really help


Guess what else God was also doing?

He was working out the seed He had put in me for God’s Domestic Queens because let me tell you, I threw my all again into motherhood!!!

Kingdom, Christian, Godly motherhood

Thankfully, that was the time my mentor PDDK also did PROPHETIC MOTHERHOOD and trust me to make noise about it on my blog


I was reading books on parenting, watching videos, listening to interviews, I even bought a course on MOMS OF BOYS from Lisa Bevere lol


I was also researching healthy meals for my son. I didn’t have money for fancy store bought purees and cereals biko so I had to be a researcher haha

My son ate healthy from Day 1. That was when I said I would NEVER do noodles for my kids or all those plenty sugar filled cereals beyond Golden morn, and even that I introduced at 2 or so.

I learned how to craft confessions for my kids and myself. I learned how to be strategic in prayers as a mom.

And gosh I also spent time blogging

Because I was full enough to pour out

I even did this post for stay at home moms then lol


Heck, that was when I wrote this devotional

I also published my fitness book

(They are both free but I am working on a new App so when it is launched, you can read them on the App, and my other bookstore)

You see what God was doing all the while because I gave Him my time?

To an outsider, I had time.

But I KNEW I didn’t have time.

I recall back then, Sisi Yemmie and I were friends, we were pregnant and had babies at the same time, and she had invited me for her son’s first birthday but I frankly didn’t have the time as that invite came like 2 days before

No job outside the home ooo but your girl had given herself PLENTY WORK at home.

I RESPECTED my time.

I put a PREMIUM on my time.

I didn’t need a JOB to do that

In fact, CSL was an INTERRUPTION to my already amazing life, but I had to be obedient to launch my business, because God also needed His Queen to have money

Funny how today, I have TWO Domestic Queens working with me in CoachE’Squad.


So my sisters, that is MY story. Part of it anyways but this has to do. I can’t exhaust it in one day but one day, God willing I will write it all

The secret of great men is in their stories,and I hope you find your answers within mine, Queen Gloria and everyone else…

Love you



God set me up BIG time as I wrote this. I stopped and started crying once I heard Him speak, and my second son ElJohn who was here was like MUMMY MUMMY lol. It is official, God is just UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me go and finish my tears.



I recently did some great posts on my other blogs, you should read them; one where I answered some major FitFam questions;

So what I do with fruits and veggies is to enjoy them fresh in the fridge for as long as possible, then when the fridge is no longer working to keep it fresh, that is it is starting to look like it will spoil, I skin it and throw into the freezerAt that point, the only usefulness is for a smoothie, and my 1500wattage blender can crush ice and frozen foods and fruits.”

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Implants & Weight Gain, Juicing Vs Smoothie and More; Your Fitfam Questions Answered

And here I wrote about our organized noisy world of distraction

Distraction is any activity, good or bad, that takes up my time and stops me from hearing God or being obedient to Him at any time T.

That said, if I am writing this post right now when the Lord is tugging me to go spend time with my children, or go wash the dishes (welp!), I am being DISTRACTED.

If I am spending time watching a movie with my husband and saying it is bonding time, but God is calling me to quickly go and pray for 30mins, that movie at that time is a DISTRACTION.

If I am cooking up a storm like I do once a month, and God is telling me to go and write this blog, I am being distracted by my cooking.

Simply put, disobedience is DISTRACTION!!!”

Enjoying that? Read more


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