GDQ mentoring is NOW OPEN and you can apply!!!

Hello mamas😁

This is QueenD. It’s a privilege to be on here again and specifically to be part of God’s work in the next GDQ mentoring set.

Being a proud & blessed alumni of the academy myself, I am confident that lives will be transformed and I expectantly look forward to all that God is set to do with this set💃

That said, let‘s jump right into the purpose of this blog post.

An email about the opened application to the GDQ Mentoring school was sent to the mailing list last week and we thought to share on here to reach more people and for you dear Queens to help us spread word.

A mama close to you might just need this.

Deadline is now this Wednesday 10th February 2021 and below is the email verbatim.

Girl, I am so happy to jump in to your inbox right now and let you know that GDQ mentoring is NOW OPEN and you can apply!!!


Ok, if you don’t know about GDQ mentoring, check out these two reviews for some deets

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(Fun fact, QueenD, that is Damilola in the link above, will be running the show with me. You probably already know QueenD. She used to be in your inbox last year haha)

In the academy, we go through various modules, from parenting, to your spiritual life, time management, husband matters, domestic management, running a business from home, sex, how to move from frustration to joy at home, managing the finances, confidence as a stay at home mom and so on.

Basically, the big goal for me is to open your eyes to see that this season doesn’t have to be a joyless, frustrated one where you are angry with hubby and sad at home on a regular.

NO, sis.

We can bear FRUITS right at home and be FULL OF JOY and PURPOSE too in this season. I used to be all the negatives listed above and even had seasons of being violent and locking hubby out, dude had to break the door to gain access in TWICE, complaining about everything, and just was SAD, FRSUTRATED and DEPRESSED cos I would not stop comparing my life to others.

God, LITERALLY delivered me from my mess and stupidity and today, I have submitted myself to allow Him use me to help my sisters too

Now, a few things, Queen, before you apply.

1. You have to be a Stay at home mom, not a mom who now works from home and for someone else. If you run your own business and can control your hours in such a way that allows you make room for a demanding mentoring academy, that is fine too. But if you work for someone and don’t have the hours, sis, don’t bother. It will not work for you and I will have to drop you out of the program. The program and its content is for STAY AT HOME moms, simple.

Which also states that you have to also be a mom, not just wife please.

2. It will cost you time, sis. There will be assignments, meetings, webinars, books to read and more. If you don’t have time, please don’t apply. If you are full of excuses, please don’t apply. If you are not willing to stretch and you are just used to a lazy sloppy life and don’t want to move out from there, PLEASE DON’T APPLY!!!

If you apply, be ready to be STRETCHED. It will also cost you sleep, data, and your time on social media if it is too much. So get ready please. It will also cost me ALL OF THAT AND MORE so I am not asking what I am not giving, and all for your good.

3. This mentoring will run for 12 weeks and everything will be virtual. As COVID allows, I would love to have a physical hangout to host you to food, fun and a whole lot of Jesus, if not during the 12 weeks, then before the end of the year.

4. Please if you just want to apply to be close to Eziaha and all, or you have ulterior motives, please don’t apply.

There is nothing special about me (most of my life I already chronicle on my 3 blogs) where I blog about God’s Domestic Queens where I blog about fitness related topics

and where I blog about faith,friendship and mentorship

and I am very discerning of hearts and spirits by God’s grace and won’t even let you in, or drop you

Finally, if you KNOW that you really are in a place where your assignment at home just frustrates you, you lack joy and peace, you are angry with hubby, spiritual life is dry, depressed and maybe suicidal, keep comparing your life to everyone, and so on, BUT ARE SO READY for CHANGE, you just need someone to guide you through, girl APPLY please.

I truly have been where you are (not suicidal though), but God literally gave me a WHOLE NEW LIFE back and so I KNOW the same can be your testimony.

Even if you don’t have a colorful story but you know you are lazy and are not fulfilling purpose in this season and you need someone to kick your butts into gear, APPLY.

Please don’t forget to forward this email to any stay at home mom you know, and if this email was forwarded to you, please subscribe here so you get our emails

Just reply this email with your application. Be as detailed as possible. Tell me why you should come in. tell me about your current season, your marriage, how you heard about this, send me a pix of your family too, details about your current business, or career history, how you became a stay at home mom, joys and frustrations, where you live and anything else that will make your application stand out. Don’t just write a sob email, no sis.

Make the effort and apply well. Even if you have to write 12 pages, I will read it.

Don’t tell lies though, but share as robustly as you can. I will be reading ALL and selecting only 12 – 15. I won’t be emailing back if you are not selected, please, but if selected, expect my response between Monday and Tuesday, that is Feb 8 and 9 as we kick off Thursday 11th with a live meeting and orientation yay!!!

Promises to be an amazing 12weeks, Queen

Hurry and apply as I will do the selection on a first come first served basis.

Finally, like some of you know, we like to employ Domestic Queens into CoachE’Squad Ltd., and going forward, we would only be employing Queens that have passed through GDQ mentoring, so that I know you have been trained to some extent and can manage time and responsibilities well.

Ok, let the applications begin, and don’t forget to share with your friends who need this please, so you can apply together. Abeg, don’t leave your friends who are stay at home moms behind.

I look forward to reading all your emails, selecting those who God highlights to me, and rocking out the NEXT 12 weeks with my new sisters.

God’s Domestic Queen

So here are few updates If you would like to apply;

Send your email to

Send in application ASAP. Deadline is now Wednesday 10th February 2021, but don’t wait till then to apply as selection will be done on a first come first served basis.

Spread the wordddddd😁!

And lastly, JOIN our mailing list to get amazing stuff like this delivered into your inbox regularly

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Congratulations in advance to the incoming GDQs and I look forward to rocking out the NEXT 12 weeks with my new sisters.


Queen D

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