God’s WARRING Queen Esther** shares her WWQ Journey

I truly did love having Esther**(not real name) in.

She was one of those with whom we could see fruit quickly, not just in changed situations but A CHANGED and CHANGING WOMAN

Enjoy her review from the GWQ Academy

And if you “dunno” what the Academy is about, let this post help.

It’s really been an amazing ride for me, and I’m really thankful to God for the gift of Coach E . She’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. I thank God for putting this academy in her heart and giving her the grace to be obedient.

One thing I know with all certainty, GOD IS HERE. 
This is no joke at all. I really didn’t expect this much change to happen when I started, all I wanted was a hand to pull me up from the deep waters threatening to swallow me.

I started this academy depressed and hopeless. I had stopped praying since March and I didn’t know how to pick up the pieces of my spiritual life. I used food and movies as form of escape.
This also extended to my family, our prayers were more of a routine and the atmosphere around my home just wasn’t right but I felt powerless to do anything.

Prior to this academy, I had gone for bible school in February, but I was so engrossed in my assignments that I didn’t even notice I wasn’t praying as much. The devil struck immediately after the Bible school and I fell flat on my face. 
But what makes this academy different is that it focuses on building your spiritual muscles and that’s what sustains you when attacks come.

This was my first miracle.
I sincerely didn’t know what to expect from our first meeting, I literally dragged myself to attend and the devil attacked my mind with all sort of negative thoughts. But I showed up and met THE GOD OF HOPE.
The academy kicked off with Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Coach E said that no matter how dry the situation is, it’s coming back to life and to an exceedingly great army.
I can’t explain it, but it was like a spark inside of me, I felt hopefully again and I received strength from nowhere. By the end of the meeting, I was a totally different woman.

The curriculum is quite intense with all the assignments and reviews. I was taught how to pray with scriptures, what to do with prophetic words, how to create my own confessions, how to pray for my husband, kids, home, marriage, and so much more. All these things might seem overwhelming but there’s Grace in this house.
God has graced Coach E for this divine assignment and I had the privilege to key into that grace to do what I have been trying to do for years but couldn’t.

God gave me fresh passion and love for prayer, fasting and the study of the word. I wake up by 2am -5am yet it never seems enough. I’m constantly looking for times to study more, I’m constantly praying in the spirit as I go about my day. I’m becoming more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

There’s been a shift in my spiritual life.
I usually have a certain dream where I see myself in my old school or the house I grew up as a child and I’ve always tried to get out but I keep going around in circles. The last time I had that dream, I found a cheap and easy way out. I still I’m so grateful about that but then I’ve learnt not to just rejoice but to press till I see the physical manifestation.

Cycles in my life that I had missed before have been restored and I attribute all these to GRACE.

My major prayer point was revival in my life and my home. I prayed for dry bones to come back to life and that’s what I’m seeing everyday.
Normally, whenever I decide to start a prayer project, my husband always does something to provoke me and that can destroy that project for me. 
I would pick offense at the slightest provocation, I would brood on it and allow it eat me up for weeks. 
This time around when the devil came, i recognized it for what it was and I refused to be offended and distracted. 
Coach E usually said “Dead people don’t get offended “, that word kept playing inside of me. 
I just kept my eyes fixed and I can say that the atmosphere in my home has changed.

Things that used to distract us from God doesn’t hold any appeal anymore. Even my husband said today that we don’t watch movies as much in this house anymore. Our family prayers are no longer just routine but a time of worship and our kids love it so much. Everyone is so excited for prayers.

My husband’s prayer life has picked up, he’s constantly listening to sermons and praying at night.
I’m more intentional about bible study with the kids. 
Sincerely, I don’t even know why I used to get offended before. It’s either I don’t even notice it anymore or it’s no longer there.
The presence of God is evident in my home and there’s so much peace, love and harmony. 

It’s almost hard to believe that all these happened in just 6 weeks but it did and with everything Coach E has poured into me, more is set to come.
I encourage everyone coming for the next batch to come with open heart, no matter how hard the process might look and feel, Grace is available.
Thank You so much Coach E, I’m forever grateful.

wow! wow! wow!

Thank you JESUS!

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