Applications NOW open for Mentoring and Warring Academy for Domestic Queens (Time-sensitive post)

Ah Queens, I have finally gotten past the fear and overwhelm I had in advance for how WILD my life was going to get as we close out the year, and I am now ready for us to rock out the LAST two academies for Domestic Queens.

First, GDQ Mentoring Academy, which we should just call GDQ, shall we?

Second, God’s WARRING Queens Academy which we are calling GWQ.

In GDQ, to cut a VERY LONG STORY short, we basically, for a couple of weeks, mentor Stay at home moms into living and leading a FRUITFUL and PRODUCTIVE life right at home.

It is so easy for a Stay at home mom to think the work she does AT HOME doesn’t matter, and then she is sad, frustrated, depressed and all, with hardly any spiritual life, especially as a result of comparison and coveting another’s season, or what was her past or future season, where she works outside the home.

It’s also possible you are just LAZY at home, sleeping till afternoon daily, and spending the rest of the time scrolling endlessly on social media. GDQ will help you put some structure and meaning to your day.

This comes from a very personal place, as I used to be THAT MOM who was frustrated and low key DEPRESSED at home, taking all my frustrations out on my husband. I even locked the dude out TWICE from his own house, he had to BREAK THE DOOR to gain entrance (E for EXTRAAAA energy lol), and many more FOOLISH things, which I am happy to share in the Academy. Somehow, GOD IN HIS INFINITE GRACE found me in my stupidity and through this beautiful journey, he led me out of frustration and all of its demonic sisters, and even BEFORE I started my business and making any money, He helped me flip that PITY PARTY for a SUPER FRUITFUL party, right out of the place I used to ONCE despise… MY HOME!!!

My life is SO DIFFERENT today than it was and it is my JOY and PRIVILEGE to help my sisters in that dark place out of it into a fruitful rocking party.

See these three posts for some context and then for review of some GDQs who have gone through the Academy.

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Amaka shares her Mentoring Journey with Eziaha

#Feedback Friday…. Ogechi shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha.

Now for GWQ, this doesn’t come so much from a PERSONAL place as it does from a place of ASSIGNMENT. The child was minding her own business being a GOOD Christian and everything, when the Father decides He needs me to be His hands, feet and knees for my sisters FIGHTING BATTLES in their marriages.

Now, this is not just for anyone, I am talking those who feel like they need to leave their husbands/marriages, or are currently even separated, but hopeful that GOD CAN REVIVE and are willing to WAR for RESTORATION, with prayers first, and in the right community. Wives who are tired and have slipped into a state of lethargy, depression, suicidal thoughts and hopelessness about their marriages.

Long and short, YOU ARE GOING THROUGH and need help, first with warring on your knees.

Ok, come through sis, let’s do this with Jesus.

You can read these posts for more context about GWQ and a few reviews too.

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WILD WARRING Queens Academy… Let’s WAR for our marriages (Application open)

Now, lean in sister, let me tell you some hardcore truths.

The mentoring academies cost me A LOT in terms of TIME, ENERGY and SLEEP. You really cannot put a price to these but I do it for FREE.

All I ask of you is that (in addition to being ready to do a review whether anonymously or not) YOU COME 100% READY to give your BEST.

I don’t do excuses. I don’t do slack. I don’t do LAZY. This, whether GDQ or GWQ will demand your time, energy and sleep.

There will be ASSIGNMENTS and projects.

It is INTENSE sis… and INTENSE 5 weeks for GDQ and an INTENSE 6 weeks for GWQ, and if anyone is slacking at any point, I am not shy about dropping you, please.

So check your schedule well before applying.

Be sure also to read all referenced posts above for more info.

Once you are sure you are good and ready, let’s go

Application for GWQ

Application for GDQ

Only shortlisted Queens will be reachedBe sure your info is right ooo, AND be truthful, authentic and share as much as you can about yourself. All those short answers will most likely get you overlooked.

GWQ kicks off Sunday, November 1, while GDQ kicks off Sunday, November 8.

Both ends Saturday, December 12, 2020 and I am so thankful that my sisters and I can go into the New Year on a whole ‘noda level’.

Both will run at the same times BUT independently. There WILL be some joint sessions though but the curricula for both differ, as expected from the Vision.

NO, you cannot be in both at the same time

YES, you can apply for GWQ if you were in a previous set, but know you still need to be here again (though chances are lower ‘sha’, but with a compelling reason, hey babes, you are IN).

Ok. Application link is above and BOTH will be revoked Monday, October 26 at 12noon WAT OR EARLIER if we have too many applications before then.

See you in either Academy



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