Taking a 2-week break off this blog… (Reasons within)

Hey Domestic Queens,


It has been a good 11/12 weeks of CONSISTENTLY providing content WEEKLY on this blog.

Gosh, I laaaaaaav to write and I thank God daily for the gift AND privilege of penning the heart of the Father on these pages, and inspiring you amazing Queens at home in this season to rock out your BEST life and fulfil purpose right from the insides of your home, the place of your super power.

By His Grace, I have never lacked content. Like rivers of living waters, He allows His words to flow easily out of me.

GRATITUDE overload.

As at today, Monday, April 12, 2021, I will be taking a TWO WEEK break off blogging here, Queens

I know that our consistency here means that some of you come on here weekly for new content, and we have not disappointed, so I didn’t want to just go AWOL and make you look for me.

I wanted to respect your support for this blog, and let you know that there won’t be new posts until the week of Sunday, April 25, 2021.

The GOOD thing is that you can still read all the old blogs, and be blessed, and inspired in even new and fresher ways, because when words come from the Lord, they are TIMELESS. In fact, feel very free to email me at eziahaolojo@gmail.com as you apply and win. I LOVE to hear from you.

The BETTER part is that I am not just going away to be living my BEST life by sleeping and eating and resting. 

Actually, no. 

First, I need this break because I am in a season of TRANSITIONING with the team member that manages my online content.

If you are on our mailing list, which you can join RIGHT NOW, you probably are familiar with QueenO. Her contract expired with us, and while I thought I had a replacement on lockdown, I would later realize that my said replacement would be more suited for another role, so my Content Strategist role after QueenO left has been empty, while I unhurriedly search for a replacement.

I cannot keep up with my life, and do the content publishing, which is quite another work from writing, hence my dialing back until that is done, hopefully in a couple days.

Secondly, I am currently signed up to Marie Forleo’s The Copy Cure course, which btw has been serving me SUCH GEMS of COPY WISDOM and in super intense ways. Btw, it was a scholarship I won. 

The Lord literally handed my $1500 back to me which is what the course is priced at, and well worth it btw.

I want to present better copy, that is writing and content, so I would need some time to fully ENTER the course and all it is serving me, so when I am done, you can expect BETTER content from us.


And finally, YouTube is also IN THE WORKS. Phew.

Last week, I got a video editor to come do a crash course for me at my NEW studio I built at home (can’t wait to share pictures. It is so minimalist and all white hehe. My friend Ope thinks I need to make it into a prayer room hehe). 

Let me tell ya, video editing is WORK!!!

My head was spinning when he was done, which he was not even done, I could not take in anything again lol.

I would like to invest more time into practicing all I have learned and sharpening those new skills.

Now to all that, you may wanna add the beautiful fact that my kids are home for holidays and I am HERE to rock out every day with them, I by choice, do not have domestic help, I have a husband and marriage to nurture, I have a business to run and several ministry expressions.

Just give me two weeks to get the help I need, stabilize my team which is getting a COMPLETE overhaul in April (I am SO EXCITED) and by God’s grace, when we are back here, it is going to be NEXT LEVEL.

With all my love and gratitude

I truly cannot wait to be back, but until then, it’s hasta la vista Queen. Keep winning at HOME and see you in 2weeks, by God’s grace



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