Changes, not from Pressure but from Wisdom

One minute, you are 100% sure of the decision you made. The next minute, something happens that causes you to wander and stagger. Should you dial back and change, or should you stay resolute in your decisions? The dilemma is real, but keep on reading, for some practical tips on how to navigate, well… life!

N.B This blog was first posted on this site in July 2022. I hope it helps you to keep your WHY front and center in your life without wavering.

Hey sweet Queen,

This is my first blog after turning 36, which was a most amazing birthday. If you are on my mailing list, you already know that I asked for your #GiftOfWords, and I really was overwhelmed, by not just the number of people who mailed me, but also the quality and heart behind the words.

Heart equals Full

If you did, thank you. I am working on replying every one, even if it takes me until my 37th birthday. However, I am so so thankful.

Right after my birthday, I went to Dubai, both for a personal and then coaching retreat with my mentor, PDDK.

It really was 8 amazing days, and I am so thankful for the opportunity and ability to get away. God willing, I am looking to invest more in experiences, for soul, spirit and body renewals.

God is good.

Ok, enough about celebrations.

Sometime ago, October 2020 to be precise, I made a decision to let go of my Domestic help, and not get another one.

I wanted to run my home alone.

I knew it was going to be a tough one, but I was more than ready for it.

I heard it all, both directly and indirectly.

Both good naturedly, and those who thought I was being foolish.

From persons I respect, to those whose opinions, respectfully speaking, held no weight with me.

From strangers, family members, and everyone in the middle.

But frankly, none of it fazed me.

I knew what I wanted, the demands it would make on my life, and everything in between, so I was non plussed

Most importantly, I knew my WHY!!!

I knew WHY I made that decision.

I knew WHAT I wanted to achieve.

I literally had sat down and done the math, before I made the decision.


So when it got tough on me, I would remember my WHY and it would keep me going.

The best part is that, I am not so into my decision that when wisdom and seasons demand that I make a change, I don’t.


Far from it.

In fact, from time to time, I review my decision. Not in light of the varying opinions of people, but rather based on my own wisdom-drenched parameters and season.

And I keep powering strong.

That is also what has kept me away from social media, since now, 4 years ago I deleted all my thriving social media accounts.

Many people and instances have both shouted and suggested I get back, and I do see a reason for it, but I had and still have a solid WHY for staying away.

And from time to time, I review my WHY, and I did again in Dubai, and my answer again is NO!!!

In fact, my team and I are working on my LinkedIn profile and account, and one thing I keep telling myself is I will NEVER be sucked into any algorithms madness.

I will build my websites and Emailing lists, and invest more into them, than any platform that controls with algorithms.

Everything I do on my LinkedIn will be for the benefit of driving people to my website and to get on my mailing lists.

Is social media bad?


Are domestic helps bad?

Gosh, no

But I like to do the math before investing my time and energy into anything, and continue to review my WHYs, then make my wise and informed decisions from that healthy place, instead of pressure, or the herd mentality.

So, am I open to getting back on social media? Or getting a domestic help?

Absolutely YES!!!!

It would be foolish to never say never. Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Wisdom tomorrow may look like this.

Eziaha, get back on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Tiktok (Heaven, please)

Eziaha, get 2 live-in domestic helps hehe

And when that happens, trust me to say YES.

Decisions made, from a place of convictions and godly wisdom, after doing the math and never from pressure.

And hey, I did a whole YouTube video to further pass my point across.

I hope it blesses you, and then helps you not just make decisions wisely, but be rooted and grounded when you do, and/or have to change them.

You are doing well, mama!

So much Love,


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