Dear GDQ, What if you KNEW IN ADVANCE?

Hey GDQ,

How are yawl doing?

Let me tell you about last Saturday!

So I woke at Jesus knows when, maybe 2am, prayed and stuff, then hand washed, ironed, swept and mopped the whole house save the rooms that my hubby and kids were sleeping in, and then cleaned the toilet, ALL BEFORE 6.30am when I had to go for a walk, which also doubled as my time to hit the butchers’ market for fresh and cheap goat meat and on my way back hit the gym to find out some info.

Oh and in between all my work, I prayed with my sister girl Idala, the fleximum coach, between 4 and 5am.

Which was how I managed to hit 10k steps before 8am lol.

I got in when hubby and the kids had woken up and when hubby saw how SPARKLING CLEAN the entire home was as he moved around, plus laundry done (he was supposed to iron but that dude HATES IRONING lol), he was like ‘I don’t even KNOW how you do all these things babe. And you still run a business and resume for work at 9am’, and I am like ‘nope, I resume at 8am cos my first staff comes in before 8.30am and I have to be READY before she does…’ That is for weekdays though but this was weekend and I was still blazing, thank God.

Anyways, said all that for someone reading. That is not the koko of this post. Just needed to also give some context.

It was when I was spreading out the laundry that morning before going for a walk that the Holy Spirit interrupted my thoughts. Our convo went something like Him congratulating me on being so faithful to the DOMESTIC grace of God on my life, and reminding me that I need to tell more and more of GDQs to ask Him for wisdom specific to run their homes and stop being VOYEURS , and all that good stuff (Please read that post on VOYEURS here.)

Then HS asked me how I would feel if I got back and the kids had spilled stuff on the floor, hubby had walked around with dirty feet, and the very clean home I left would be dirty on my return.

I was like well, I would feel bad a little but I won’t scream and stuff. And that right there is a testimony because we all KNOW that when we do all this work and our kids spill stuff, we become mother cruella or wife-zilla, then we start complaining about how what we do is unappreciated and stuff. That was me before, but the HS was like ‘Just cos we did what He has graced us to do doesn’t mean that everybody now has to walk on egg shells around us.’

So yes, I cleaned everywhere while they all slept, but I must still show GRACE, mercy and the likes even if they are not appreciative of my work. I didn’t do it for a COOKIE, I did these because:

1. It is the right thing to do. It is, after all, MY HOME and in this season, I don’t have a help so if I don’t do it, who will?

2. He GRACED me for it.

I had so much peace in that mundane moment of spreading clothes downstairs and even though I got in from my walk with everyone awake but still in bed, once they got out, different spills happened and clothes were scattered and stuff, you know. Lol

But I smiled through it all. I made the kids arrange what they could and then I just basically enjoyed my day.

Then the HS gently reminded me that the reason I acted that way was because I KNEW IN ADVANCE!

And then He told me that a lot of us are not spending enough time in fellowship with Him where He can tell us SECRETS so we hardly know anything in advance, instead when it comes against us, we react in the flesh because we don’t have the wisdom to act and do better.

Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden, which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand).”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭33:3‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

The mundane aside, like housework and all, we can also KNOW the more fundamental things in advance so that when they happen, we are like,“Haaaaa, I knew Papi”. I recall watching this video of BETTER TOGETHER where the ladies were talking about friendships and seasons, and Chris Caine said something that blew me away.

I was a reaction to something about some people still holding on to a friendship where the season has passed and then they are accusing the said person of abandoning them and are offended and stuff.And Chris said that the good thing is as we walk with the HS, He starts to even show us when a season in friendship is going to end so we prepare ahead for it and are not heart broken, or offended when it does happen. This was the case with one of my former best friends. When the season ended, we moved on with mutual respect and love but didn’t force it and no one was offended. We check with each other from time to time and recall important anniversaries but we don’t do life together again. Dramatic

Now even to your hubby, what if we spent time with the HS and he told us that the man would come home in a foul mood today so this is not the day for an attitude. Or that XXX would happen at his place of work so you need to pray in YYY way.

Or even for our kids, what if the HS showed us in advance that the devil was coming with a sickness? You would be on your guard in prayers and already start to anoint and speak over the child. When the boy says something like, ‘Mummy my stomach is paining me small’ ,you already KNOW where satan is going so you THROW DOWN ALL YOUR ARSENALS!!!

But if you didn’t know, you would simply say, ‘Sorry’ and then next thing, you find that you have spent a week in the hospital.

What if you spent time enough with the HS and he told you that satan was about to disrupt and steal the hours in your day by spoiling one major household gadget (for me that would be my deep freezer)? You would speak words of life over it daily right? You would not wait till it packs up. In fact the moment you see light start to trip on and off, you would quickly put off the freezer cos you know where satan is going with that.

Even in your own personal life, what if the HS had told you that your GDQ season would end when your kids have all crossed the 5 year old mark? Would you not fully immerse in them and the season knowing that it would not last forever? Or maybe he told you not to bother about searching for a job because he wanted you to be at home and then he will give you something to do from home? Would you waste time, money and energy attending useless interviews?

Hmm, GDQs, I said all of that to say this;We serve a God who speaks and He so wants to talk to us DAILY, but He only reveals secrets to His friends and those who are intentional about making time for Him.

He has the answer to it all and I tell you, once we roll with Him, He starts to tell us stuff in advance and then we can adjust spiritually and physically and win more battles than we ever could imagine even at home.

It is a ROCK n ROLL partayyyyyy right here!!!

The Holy Spirit ROCKS mehn… and every GDQ needs to ROLL with Him.

I pray for you that you prioritize time with the Holy Spirit and that He shows you things both now and to come, in Jesus name,AMEN



P.S this post was first published in this blog on November 2019.

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