#Feedback Friday….Tochukwu shares her mentoring journey with Eziaha.

Hello GDQ,

Yeeeeeeh…it’s another Feedback Friday, so sorry it’s coming today, we get to hear feedback from one of our Domestic Queen whom I was privileged to mentor, please meet my sister and friend Tochukwu Falola as she shares her mentoring journey in this blog post.

Dear ‘Mama E’ haha!, 

My life felt like I was going through the motions. I really felt lost and lacked the will and fortitude to get myself out of that funk. After marriage and childbirth, my life took a 360 turn, everything I used to know and love was so farrrrr away.

The career I knew and been painstakingly grooming was over, I relocated far away into a semi-rural setting. I felt like I was just going through the motions of life daily activities without purpose.

My spiritual life was suffering too, I was also going through a church denomination transition and it affected me a lot.

This mentorship was a big blessing, it gave me the much needed push to own my season! I had always known that my current situation was not by accident, God put things in place for me that made the transition smooth, I needed to harness that.

BE INTENTIONAL! is one big lesson I learnt from this mentorship. Great people don’t sit around wishing things were different, they get up and worked towards it.

Your spiritual life encompasses every other aspect of your life, you don’t leave any part out of your dealings with God, let him in on everything and watch him perform his wonders.

My life is more balanced and structured now. My time management is on point. I learnt how to be flexible and rigid at the same time. Flexible enough to adjust my schedules to our ever changing situations as mothers and wives/ career woman, but rigid enough to follow through on my set out schedule. I learnt how to cut out distractions and truly focus on the needful.

I am filled with so much life and steam! My relationship with God is beautiful and I have indeed owned my season as a stay at home mother.

Thank you so much E for this awesome experience it was truly an eye opener. It goes without saying that you are a blessed woman.

Kindly share and give your feedback. Till I come again with another DQ next Friday.

Love & Light


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