I didnt know I was scared and doing discipline wrong.

Hey Mama,

Been a minute here and I apologize. January was too fast, too full and a little too furious for me as I lacked human help at work and home for a while.

I’m coming into some stability this month so we should see some regularity here.

January also taught me something I didnt know about myself…

That I was SCARED for and about my kids.

Let me tell you a little about the warrior and the prophet.

They are HYPER

Like, I mean hyper extra, no chill, always ON kinda boys. They are possibly the kind of boys I would see in their elements publicly or even at home and eye the mother for now getting her acts together and control them, if I were not their mom.

So I started to be scared of taking them out in public. I feared that they would behave in a way that would make people judge me.

I also started spanking more at home. Yes I do believe in spanking and I do believe that there are things you overlook in kids, but overlook as I did, the things that warranted and GOT SPANKING were a lot. It seemed like I needed cane to get anything done.

And trust the HS, He kept nudging me that there had to be a better way to get them to be obedient

Then I saw a story in one of the books I read this January, Bringing up boys by James Dobson.

The woman was out in a supermarket and her son was being plain naughty, but she kept her cool, and her tone of voice didnt change while she spoke to him. He kept throwing tantrums, insisting on his way, and so on. It was an embarrassing moment but if she was embarrassed, she didnt show it.

She was cool as a cucumber outside. Then as the drama increased cos he wanted a certain toy or so, she gently bent down and whispered to him,
“You know we don’t reward that kind of behavior ” plus something about disciplining him at home.

The boy mellowed

James said he had to commend the woman abeg.

Most moms in that situation would be harried, outwardly embarrassed and most likely scream or spank the child (and I agree that some situations NEED spanking outside ) but what that woman showed us all was that

  1. We are NOT always responsible for the naughty behavior of our kids. Sometimes they are in TRANSITION stage and so both outside and inside, we should get ready for tantrums that have NOTHING to do with our parenting style or sucess.

Its transition. If people choose to judge us based on that, then really thats their tea to drink. You just focus. You don’t now beat the kids cos you are embarrassed that people think whatever. And most times, we even resort to name calling like “you this naughty/stupid/stubborn boy…” cos you really have been thrown off kilter because of opinions of others.

2. You determine your reaction and not your kids tantrum. Some situations demand I raise my voice especially if danger is lurking. Most however can see me maintain the same tone, but increase the sternness. I dont have to shout all the time. That’s not discipline, that’s bullying.

And the final one, I learned as I took it to God

3. I actively pray about it
I’m now doing the night prayers over them as they sleep. My key scripture remains

Luke 2

Then he returned to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. And his mother stored all these things in her heart.

Luke 2:51 NLT

Jesus was obedient to the authority in his life so I declare that they are obedient to me, their dad, teachers and domestic help.

I also use

God designed us to feel remorse over sin in order to produce repentance that leads to victory. This leaves us with no regrets. But the sorrow of the world works death.

2 Corinthians 7:10 TPT

My kids are very quick to apologise cos they want something from you, not cos they are repentant. So I pray that their apologies are FOR REAL and cause them to truly repent, that is turn away from sin.

Now I dont just pray it, I say it all day. When I see naughty behavior, my language is not laced with frustrations. I say

You are obedient to authority figures
You are a Jesus boy
You repent of sin

I cast out every spirit of Disobedience in Jesus name
You apologise and repent
Your heart beats for Jesus

I spank when I have to but spanking or not, I use the koboko of the Word.

Spanking alone can do nothing. It can even toughen behavior as they increasingly grow resistant to the incessant flogging

But speaking the word over them, PLUS necessary use of the rod, ehen that can lead to real change

Cheers to supernatural parenting Moms.

Let’s do it together and leave spanking all the time.

We got this. We are in this together. Victory is sure cos God is on our side.

We will not parent with fear
Neither will our parenting be influenced by man’s judgement

We parent with the Lord… with love that involves discipline, grace, mercy and kindness

God help us all in Jesus name, amen

Do you have any stories and successes? Please share.

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Hugs and love
Strength and Grace

GDQ Eziaha

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